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Insurance Policies

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The TPMC team want you to focus on your health and treatment more than anything, which is why we are happy to tell you that we accept most insurance policies. So if you have health insurance, that's great! Here at Turó Park Medical Center you can choose any doctor of any specialty and get 80-100% of reimbursement depending on your insurance policy. Please refer to the list below to see if your insurance plan is accepted. Adeslas Pymes [...]

Most Common Speech Disorders

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Speech-language pathology is a field of expertise practiced by a clinician known as a speech-language pathologist (SLP), also called speech and language therapist or speech therapist, who specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of Speech Disorders, cognition, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders. Speech disorders affect verbal fluency and the articulation of sounds, that is, pronunciation, which is a certain extent normal until five years of age. There are several speech disorders. Here are the most common ones: Dyslalia [...]

Men’s Full Medical Check Up

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Are You Up To Date With Your Health? We get so caught up with things in life that sometimes it seems like we just forget to take good care of ourselves. Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating properly? Exercising regularly? When was the last time you got a Full Medical Check up? Regular check ups are very important. Even if you feel fine, you should still see your provider. The purpose of these visits is to: Screen [...]

Got Your Allergic Rhinitis Bothering You?

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If you have nasal allergies (also called allergic rhinitis), you're not alone: Allergies are incredibly common. Allergic rhinitis, hay fever or nasal allergy, as it is commonly known, is a condition associated with a group of symptoms affecting the nose, such as runny nose,  itchy nose (could include mouth, eyes, throat, and skin), sneezing, coughing, smell disorders, puffiness under the eyes, fatigue, and headache, among others. These symptoms occur when patient inhales in something she or he is allergic to. [...]

Accelerated Orthodontics

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Did you know that you can accelerate your Orthodontic treatment and speed it up to 3 times faster ? A regular treatment that usually could take one year now can be started and finished in less then five months! The technique is called Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) and the surgery is Piezosurgery. The procedure is carried out at Turó Park Medical Center and it's known as accelerated orthodontic by bone activation - a minimally invasive oral surgery [...]

Travel Vaccination Clinic

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Turó Park Medical Center also works as a vaccination clinic to help you get prepared for your next trip. Travel health advice is extremely important when visiting specific countries. Our travel health clinic in Barcelona is your one-stop shop for all your travel health requirements and holiday vaccinations. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of infectious diseases and can provide customized advice and disease prevention for all those traveling to far-off countries. Below is a list of vaccine-preventable travel-related diseases [...]

Book Your Appointments Online!

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Did you know that at Turó Park Medical Center you can book your appointments online? It's quick and easy. To book an appointment you can click here. Once you are on our website, choose the doctor you want to see, the day and the time of your preference. Now, fill in your information and press "Concertar Cita". There you go! You've set up your appointment And of course, you can always call us at +34 932 529 729 [...]

LFStyle Chats to Dr. Madeleine Smit of the Turó Park Medical Center

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Last month, Doctor Madeleine Smit CEO and Founder of Turó Park Medical Center had the pleasure to chat with Lucas Fox Style and you can check out the full interview here: Why did you decide to set up the Turó Park Medical Center? TPMC was the result of 4 years of thinking of how to combine my desire to set up my own practice and the apparent need for a central location where non-Spanish natives could get easy access [...]

TPMC Open House Party !

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Hello There! Last Thursday, April 27th, we finally had our Open House Party here at Turó Medical Center. We really want to thank you to all of you who made that night so special. Thank you! Click on the gallery to check out who was there! :)   [print_gllr id=135]  1.2 Basic co-pago Insurance There is a subgroup called “co-pago” where your monthly fee is lower but you pay a small extra amount previously agreed with your insurance, [...]