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Accelerated Orthodontics

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Did you know that you can accelerate your Orthodontic treatment and speed it up to 3 times faster ?

A regular treatment that usually could take one year now can be started and finished in less then five months!

The technique is called Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) and the surgery is Piezosurgery.
The procedure is carried out at Turó Park Medical Center and it’s known as accelerated orthodontic by bone activation – a minimally invasive oral surgery performed under simple local anesthetic to accelerate the process of tooth movement. Therefore the treatment is compatible with any Invisalign or Lingual Orthodontic treatment.
Bone Activation procedure

Doctor Madeleine Smit and Doctor Alejandro Mazarro during Bone Activation procedure at Turó Park Medical Center

To learn more about Orthodontic Treatments at TPMC:
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