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Platelet-rich plasma treatment benefits

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PRP treatment for cell regeneration Platelet-rich plasma is an advanced autologous treatment (it comes from your own body), highly effective against the anti-aging process. It doesn’t use artificial products, so there is no possibility of skin reaction, allergy or rejection. PRP benefits It allows delaying the skin aging process. Cell regeneration activation. More luminous and better-textured skin. Fewer wrinkles and flaccidity. No allergies risks or incompatibility reactions. It doesn’t generate marks or scars. You don’t need to rest [...]

The importance of regular Check ups

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Annual Check up programs. Check up programs are addressed to people concerned about health prevention and wellness. Doing a check up regularly is taking care of your health. This is a practice based on creating a continuous communication which includes the relationship with the patient, their medical records, the monitoring of their health and a formal calendared health planning and treatment when it is needed. Check ups are focused on evaluating your health status and prevent some pathologies [...]

How to detect an allergy

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Prick tests detect if you have any allergies. When springtime comes it is very common to notice symptoms such as; mucus, itchy nose, throat or eyes, sneezing, and inflammation, among many others, which indicates we are allergic to some environmental substance. If you have these or other symptoms like hives, rash, breathing difficulty or any other unusual, even if you have lived with it for many years and you don’t think it is something strange, it would be [...]

Discover our plasma treatment by Dermaplax

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Discover our new treatment using Dermaplax generator. You will see results from the first day: With the plasma facial and body treatment, you will notice a more revitalized, young, smooth and uniform skin, with an improved tone and texture. ¿How does Dermaplax treatment work? Dermaplax, body and facial treatment, works by emitting an alternative current (AC) to an electrode. The different electromagnetic charge between the electrode and the skin makes the current becoming energy when it contacts the air, [...]