How to detect an allergy

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Prick tests detect if you have any allergies When springtime comes it is very common to notice symptoms such as; mucus, itchy nose, throat or eyes, sneezing, and inflammation, among many others, which indicates we are allergic to some environmental substance. If you have these or other symptoms like hives, rash, breathing difficulty or any other unusual, even if you have lived with it for many years and you don’t think it is something strange, it would be [...]

Acupuncture Workshop

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Hello TPMC Family! This month’s as part of our workshop series we will be talking about Acupuncture. On January 25th you are welcome to join us from 11:00h - 13:00h on our FREE Workshop here at Turó Park Medical Center. Our guest will be the Acupuncturist and Physiotherapist Cyril Alonso and he will answer questions and talk about uses, benefits and treatment risks. What Is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often [...]

We are looking for a Nurse!

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We are looking for a Nurse! The Turó Park Medical Center is located in Barcelona’s Zona Alta district and offers an international team of top doctors in Barcelona. We offer a range of specialist medical care including general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, speech therapy, travel vaccinations, ENT consultancy, orthodontics, cardiology, gynecology, blood tests, dentistry and cosmetic surgery. General Position Description: We are looking for a qualified registered nurse to do Medical Analyses, Vaccinations and to assist our Doctors with whatever [...]

Nutrition Services

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Stress, digestive problems, circulatory, fatigue, overweight, sleep disturbance, moods ... The nutritional deficiencies or excesses are reflected in the skin, body and face.  Nutrition, together with plastic surgery and cosmetics, an necessary aspect to achieve harmony and beauty. Concepts such as dermo-nutrition (care of the skin through food) or nutrition (basic substances and with specific properties that we obtain from food) are absolutely current and relevant when it comes to maintaining and / or restoring beauty as an [...]

Orthodontics Workshop

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Hello there! We want to meet our community and get everyone involved, so we decided to host workshops regularly at Turó Park Medical Center. On November 24th you are welcome to join us on our Orthodontics Workshop where Doctor Madeleine Smit  will answer Orthodontic questions for parents and adults and talk about the most modern orthodontics techniques that are out there! All free of charge, drinks and snack provided. Invite your family and friends! Please RSVP by Wednesday [...]

Flu Season, Flu Shot!

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It's Flu season, time for the Flu shot! Influenza is also called the flu. It's an infection that causes a fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes earaches or sinus problems. The flu is an extremely contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A or B viruses. What's the Flu Vaccine? Health experts recommend that all people age 6 months and older get the flu vaccine each year. For kids, the flu vaccine is available as a shot (injected through the [...]

Barcelona International Community Day!

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Barcelona International Community Day will take place next Saturday, October 21st at the Maritim Museum and will present a full day programme of activities aimed at the expat community in four different areas: personal landing, doing business, enjoying the city and family activities. The event boasts a full programme with over 40 activities, including conferences, roundtables and workshops, networking, animation and children's activities. The fair will feature 78 exhibitors, 15% more than in the previous year, offering specialised products and [...]

BCNOrtho – 10th Anniversary

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The 10th anniversary of the BCNOrtho meeting happens this week in Barcelona.  Digital orthodontics is already here, and many advances in three-dimensional imaging, design, and printing make this technology very useful in every dentist's office. This edition of BCNOrtho will be full of clinical techniques and advice based on the many years of experience of their lecturers. Through the lessons learned over the last ten years they will paint a picture of the next ten years of orthodontic [...]

Useful Phone Numbers in Barcelona

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If you recently moved or are just visiting Barcelona, make sure you're always prepared with this list of important and emergency phone numbers in Barcelona. 112 All general emergencies 061 Medical emergencies Website: 080 Fire service The Fire brigrade or fire service is called "Bombers de Barcelona" Website: 088 Police (Mossos d'Esquadra) The Mossos d'Esquadra are Catalonia's autonomous community police force. They are responsible for crime investigations, crime prevention and assistance at accident scenes. From summer 2012 you can report [...]

Chickenpox: Get a Shot, Avoid the Dots!

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It feels like a fever. Or maybe a cold. But when you look in the mirror and see spots, you know it's not a game of connect-the-dots. It's chickenpox. And chickenpox sure do itch! Here's why: After the red spots appear on your body, they fill up with a clear liquid. These liquid-filled blisters are called vesicles. The vesicles release chemicals in your skin that activate the nerves that make you itch. These nerves in the top layers of [...]