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Marianne Campbell

If you are looking for an english speaking general chiropractor in Barcelona, come to Turó Park Medical Center. Dr. Campbell Marianne is passionate about Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Campbell Marianne a British Canadian, completed her undergraduate education in Kinesiology Sports medicine (1993) and her Doctor of Chiropractic (1997) in Canada. She has practiced and taught in international hospitals, medical schools and universities around the world. She specializes in Chiropractic and Lifestyle Medicine and combines traditional approaches with advanced technologies and evidence based care to provide, safe effective care for neck and back pain, headaches, arthritis pain, disc problems and sports injuries. Chiropractic Medicine correctly identifies and treats the cause of your pain. By focusing on restoring proper joint and muscle biomechanics (alignment and movement), we restore proper function. This also allows your nervous system to function without interference – so you heal better and faster.

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