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If you are looking for an English speaking general physician in Barcelona, come to Turó Park Medical Center. Dr. Femke is a determinant, energetic doctor with international experiences and she stands for her patients.

Dr. Femke was born and raised in The Netherlands and studied at the University of Maastricht.

She worked as a physician in the emergency department in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In 2004 Dr Femke moved to Cyprus where she started her own primary health care centre in Limassol.  Besides being the owner and lead-physician of the center, she was active in the Cypriot Sport Society.

She was a doctor on duty at several (inter)national sport events (volleyball, weight lifting, boxing) and played for the Cypriot national team of beach tennis and squash. In 2015 dr Femke was accepted as an international member of the Royal College of General Practitioners of the UK. Together with her family, she moved to Barcelona in 2017.


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A dynamic and determined family doctor

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