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If you are looking for an English-speaking general practitioner in Barcelona, come to Turó Park Medical Center. Dr. Ilham Abdelrahim is passionate about preventative medicine with a focus on what creates optimal health.

Dr. Ilham Abdelrahim studied in Belgium, and graduated in 2003 from l’Université Catholique de Louvain and then went on to train as a Family Physician.  She also obtained a postgraduate in Tropical Medicine and International Health from the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine.

She has a varied professional experience, working in different settings with a very diverse international patient base. In GP practices in Brussels and London, psychiatric day care center, and the European Commission Medical Service. Here she discovered her passion for preventative medicine with a focus on what creates optimal health.

She has a special interest in all aspects of family medicine, including preventative medicine, nutrition, psychology, and women’s health. She offers a holistic approach, providing personalized care to help the patient achieve better health.


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