tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity

Everything about tooth sensitivity! Sensitive teeth can be a burden for many people and are caused by a variety of factors. Many people that suffer from sensitive teeth have a constant fear of severe pain, and therefore avoid certain food, drinks, and sometimes, avoid brushing their teeth. If you are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of …

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long covid heart

Long COVID-19 and your heart

The relationship between 'long covid' and your cardiovascular health Written in collaboration with Dr Jordi Mercé Many people will be experiencing ‘post-Covid’, having been previously infected, and it is important to ensure a full recovery. It can affect anyone. The long term effects of the illness can be debilitating, even for young, fit people, or those …

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anxiety l’anxiété

How to manage anxiety

What is anxiety? When our body is confronted with stress, its natural response is anxiety, a growing feeling of nervousness and fear that is usually provoked by a new context. Whether that is a job interview, the first day in a new school, or the announcement of an event… this feeling is normal. However, if …

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COVID recovery pass

COVID Recovery Pass

Everything you need to know about the COVID Recovery Pass If you want to travel abroad, attend events or have any other reasons to obtain a COVID certificate, but have recently recovered from COVID-19, you need a recovery certificate. This certificate shows that you tested positive recently, completed your self-isolation and have recovered. This is especially …

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contraception / método anticonceptivo / Contraception and STDs

How do I find the contraception that suits me best?

Contraception: all of your options and how they work! Regardless of your age and the contraceptive methods you already know, you may feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to find the best contraception method for you. However, there are many methods available and they have uses and benefits beyond just pregnancy prevention. With so many options …

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