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Our therapists help with the prevention, evaluation and intervention of disorders of human communication, affecting voice, hearing, speech, language (oral, written, gestural), disorders in orofacial and swallowing functions. In addition, our therapists treat neurological and communication disorders associated with autism, mental deficiency and cerebral palsy.
Each treatment is individualized and designed specifically for the needs of children and adults. Speech therapy benefits include a better quality of life and increased self-confidence.

Our English-speaking speech therapy services in Barcelona

  • Speech therapy

  • Autism

  • Dislexia

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

Sofia Zelou  is an english-speaking doctor in Barcelona | Speech therapist at Turo Park Medical Center 02

Dra. Sofia Zelou

English-speaking speech therapist in Barcelona

  • Speech therapy
  • Autism

  • in Barcelona

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