breast surgery chirurgies mammaires.

Breast surgery (lifts, reduction, augmentation)

A guide to different breast surgery treatments (lifts, reduction, augmentation) For a variety of reasons, the most performed cosmetic surgery in the world is breast augmentation. This procedure increases the size of the breasts using various methods, but exist other breast surgeries for other needs. It is even possible to complement one surgery with another. …

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sports medical certificate

Sports medical certificates

The sports medical certificate: official statement of ability and health The sports medical certificate, or otherwise called "medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of sport", is required in several cases. It allows various relevant federations, and the athlete themselves, to judge their ability and health.   How to obtain a medical certificate of fitness …

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COVID recovery pass

COVID Recovery Pass

Everything you need to know about the COVID Recovery Pass If you want to travel abroad, attend events or have any other reasons to obtain a COVID certificate, but have recently recovered from COVID-19, you need a recovery certificate. This certificate shows that you tested positive recently, completed your self-isolation and have recovered. This is especially …

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contraception / método anticonceptivo / Contraception and STDs

How do I find the contraception that suits me best?

Contraception: all of your options and how they work! Regardless of your age and the contraceptive methods you already know, you may feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to find the best contraception method for you. However, there are many methods available and they have uses and benefits beyond just pregnancy prevention. With so many options …

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