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Thanks to its system of anonymous egg and sperm donation regulated by law and generally more flexible legislation on assisted reproduction, Spain has been, for some years already, the main destination for assisted reproduction in Europe.

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What are the different AHR treatments and techniques offered in our clinic?

To best adapt to your needs, our clinic offers various treatments and techniques intended to facilitate pregnancy in the event of fertility problems for men, women or both partners. We also support women who decide to become mothers without partners, as well as couples of women who wish to have children.

In Vitro Fertilization involves fertilizing an egg with a spermatozoid outside the uterus.

Depending on your situation, it is possible to perform IVF from:

  • Your eggs and your partner's sperm
  • Your eggs and donor sperm
  • Eggs from a donor and sperm from your partner
  • Eggs from a donor and sperm from a donor
  • Eggs from your partner (female couples) and sperm from a donor

IVF therefore allows couples with a wide variety of circumstances to become parents.

Artificial insemination involves placing selected spermatozoids, either from your partner or from a donor, in the uterus.

To maximize the chances of successful treatment, the ovaries are stimulated with hormones and ovulation is monitored to know when is the best time for insemination.

Egg donation enables women to become mothers by performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) with eggs obtained from a donor. In Spain, the donation is anonymous and there is no limit as to the total number of oocytes obtained.

Also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing involves removing the eggs and then storing them by instant freezing with liquid nitrogen. This technique is generally used in the context of IVF, because after ovarian stimulation, the excess oocytes are immediately stored and intended for a future use in case of failure, but can also concern women who do not wish to feel oppressed by their biological clock.

The use of the sperm bank corresponds to the freezing of sperm samples for later use in assisted reproduction procedures.




How do you know which treatment is best for you?

If you do not know which treatment is best suited to your situation, we invite you to make an appointment for an online consultation or a face-to-face consultation with our assisted reproduction specialist.

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