Are you looking for an English-speaking clinic to carry out your AHR treatment in Barcelona?

This treatment is not currently available at our centre.

Thanks to its system of anonymous egg and sperm donation regulated by law and generally more flexible legislation on assisted reproduction, Spain has been, for some years already, the main destination for assisted reproduction in Europe.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, our medical clinic welcome you in a warm and benevolent environment for completely personalized care. On-site, our English-speaking team is at your disposal and accompanies you throughout the procedure.

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What are the different AHR treatments and techniques offered in our clinic?

To best adapt to your needs, our clinic offers various treatments and techniques intended to facilitate pregnancy in the event of fertility problems for men, women or both partners. We also support women who decide to become mothers without partners, as well as couples of women who wish to have children.

How do you know which treatment is best for you?

If you do not know which treatment is best suited to your situation, we invite you to make an appointment for an online consultation or a face-to-face consultation with our assisted reproduction specialist.

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We care for Women.

Our specialists offer obstetrics and gynecologic care for women through all phases of life, from your pre-teen years to post-menopausal years.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about medically assisted reproduction (AHR)

Are there any risks involved in AHR?

The most important risk is the development of an exaggerated number of follicles (ovarian hyperstimulation seen in about 1% of cycles). This risk is greater in younger patients with multiple ovarian cysts.

Is egg retrieval painful?

No. During the oocyte harvest we administer a sedation that completely eliminates the perception of pain; you lose consciousness but it is not a general anaesthesia regulated with relaxation and intubation.

When can you have sex after an embryo transfer?

In order to avoid any discomfort, we advise you to go at least one week without having intercourse with vaginal penetration.