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Turó Park Clinics believes in the importance of disease prevention and early diagnosis. That's why we offer several unique "check-up" visit packages designed exclusively for proactive patients.

Our trained medical team provides personalized medical advice and treatment recommendations based on laboratory tests, medical screenings, a comprehensive review of your medical history and risk factors. We then provide you with a detailed report on your health status.

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Our different health check-ups

Health check-up

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Health check-up

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Health check-up

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Your check-up performed by specialists in 2 hours


Our different tests are carried out according to the age and conditions of the patient


A check-up with all the necessary tests to ensure optimal health


Health check-ups are also available free of charge, with the Turó Care offer

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    Our answers to frequently asked questions about health check-ups

    What is a Health Check Up and why is it important to do it regularly?

    A Health Check Up is a comprehensive health examination to assess your overall health and detect any potential health problems. It is important to do this regularly to prevent chronic diseases, detect health problems early and maintain good overall health.

    What types of health exams are included in a Health Check Up?

    The health screenings included in a Health Check Up may vary depending on each patient's age, gender and medical history. However, a comprehensive Health Check Up typically includes blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, cancer screening, vision and hearing tests, as well as a lifestyle and family history assessment.

    How long does a Health Check Up take and is it painful?

    The duration of a Health Check Up depends on the type of examination performed. It can take from 2 to 5 hours depending on the test. The examinations are generally not painful, although some patients may experience minor discomfort during certain tests.

    Where can I get a Health Check Up in Barcelona?

    You can have a complete Health Check Up at Turó Park Clinics in Barcelona. They offer complete and personalized health checks for children and adults, as well as consultations with English, French or Spanish speaking doctors.

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