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Developmental delays and motor problems are common in childhood. The former occurs in 10-15%(source  of preschool children, and the latter was reported in one-fifth of the total sample in a recent study. Such conditions make the first steps for a child feel like a mountain to climb.

So, if your child has a developmental or motor challenge, know that you aren’t alone. However, here’s something vital to know–It’s never too early to seek help, and it’s never too late to make a difference in your child’s life.

At Turó Park Clinics, our physiotherapist, Britta Schneiders, specializes in the Bobath method for babies and children. Through the Bobath method, she has helped countless children achieve remarkable progress and lead fulfilling lives.

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What is Bobath Therapy?

The Bobath method is a recognized approach rooted in neurophysical and developmental principles. It is named after its founders, Berta Bobath, a physiotherapist, and Karl Bobath, her husband, a psychiatrist/neuropsychiatrist who dedicated their lives to understanding and assisting patients with neurological conditions.

The Bobath approach is used to treat a spectrum of central movement, developmental, neurological, and neuromuscular conditions in infants and children. It focuses on harnessing your child’s strengths and objectives to help them develop mobility and function. This means normalizing their movement patterns and teaching them proper postures and movements.

A great thing about the Bobath therapy is how it actively involves parents. Parents are educated on proper infant or child care. The collaborative effort helps counter abnormal movement patterns and encourage natural movements.

This kind of support is essential to help kids with hypotonia (floppiness), hypertonia (stiffness), athetosis, and ataxia gain more stability and control over their movement.

What Are The Principles Of The Bobath Treatment?

Bobath therapy for babies and children focuses on the brain’s ability to adapt to change and recover from neurological damage. Hence, it stands on several pillars, such as:


  • Encouraging children to move in a way that feels natural to them.
  • Ensuring each movement is smooth, controlled, and as precise as possible.
  • Determining a balanced muscle tone for active movement.
  • Teaching the correct position and posture when sitting, standing, or lying.
  • Discouraging compensatory movements and help find the right path to move efficiently.
  • Working on coordination and control and not focusing too much on muscle strength.
  • Promoting maximum functional recovery to help kids be independent.

What Is Bobath Therapy Used For?

The Bobath therapy is a comprehensive technique that offers support for infants and children facing various conditions and challenges.

How Can Turó Park Clinics Help Your Child Get Better?

We understand that every child with developmental or motor challenges presents differently. Hence, we take a personalized and family-centered approach toward cerebral therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Bobath Therapy?

Bobath technique for cerebral palsy, as well as other conditions, takes a holistic approach. Rather than focusing on one problem at a time, the Bobath concept looks at the whole picture.

To begin with, the physiotherapists who perform the Bobath therapy teach kids how to move in a way that works for them. They help children find new and better ways to do things, making daily tasks like getting dressed or playing with friends much easier.

But it’s not just about moving better; it’s also about living better. The Bobath approach helps reduce pain, makes communication easier, and even boosts confidence. It allows your child to take part in activities they love without feeling held back by their body.

The best part is that the Bobath therapy is gentle and non-invasive. It doesn’t involve needles, scary machines, or major surgeries. It’s all about patience, understanding, and working at a pace that suits your child.

The benefits include:

  • Regained control over muscle
  • Easier, goal-directed movements
  • Better posture
  • Stretches the muscles and makes them more relaxed
  • Makes everyday activities easier
  • Helps become more independent

How Can Turó Park Clinics Help Your Child Get Better?

At Turó Park Clinics, our mission is about transformation rather than treatment. We understand that every child with developmental or motor challenges presents differently. Hence, we take a personalized and family-centered approach toward cerebral therapy. 

You and your child will begin your Bobath treatment journey in Barcelona with our physiotherapist through a brief discussion. This will help us understand your child’s distinct needs, symptoms, and concerns and tailor a Bobath therapy treatment plan to provide the best possible outcome.

Then, we analyze how your child communicates, moves, plays, and does basic everyday tasks to understand what’s impacting their abilities. Then, together with you, we set goals and work towards them.

Our approach to the Bobath method is built on a solid foundation of child development principles and an in-depth understanding of how the brain controls and learns movements. We use this knowledge to teach your child efficient ways to move through a combination of passive and active movements and other specialized handling techniques. Our goal is to make daily tasks more manageable for your child and help them achieve functional independence.

Our physiotherapist specializes in the Bobath method to treat several conditions, including head injuries, perceptual problems, rheumatic diseases, and spinal cord injuries.

By customizing therapy to the child's unique needs it focuses on normalizing movement patterns and managing muscle tone abnormalities. At Turó Park Clinics, we are pleased to introduce our new physiotherapist, Britta Schneiders, who specializes in the Bobath method. 

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Our Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Bobath Method

What is the Bobath approach?

Bobath therapy is a specialized, non-invasive method for treating neurological conditions like brain palsy, stroke, and head injuries. It encourages normal movement patterns, optimizes muscle tone, and enhances functional independence by improving movement, mobility, and quality of life.

Is the Bobath therapy effective?

Yes, Bobath treatment has been shown to be effective in improving motor function and overall quality of life for many cerebral palsy patients and individuals suffering from neurological conditions. However, the effectiveness can vary from one person to the other and depends on factors like the severity of symptoms, individual condition, consistency of therapy, etc. It is important to work with qualified healthcare professionals specializing in Bobath therapy for the best outcomes.