Mandatory for the practice of certain disciplines and strongly recommended for others, the sports mouthguard is a resistant intra-oral protection that is placed in the mouth. It helps prevent and reduce the severity of traumatic orofacial injuries, particularly to the teeth.

If you need a custom-made sports mouthguard, please contact us. Our team of dentists and dental technicians will ensure that your mouthguard is perfectly adapted to your mouth so that you can breathe freely and communicate with your team and is suitable for your sport so that you get the best protection possible.

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Why wear a mouthguard?

If you play any contact sport, such as boxing, hockey or rugby, you are probably aware that the risk of oral injury is high, most often resulting in a cracked or broken tooth, damage to the lips or cheeks, or in the most serious cases, a broken jaw. These accidents usually result in significant dental work, notably when a crown or implant is required.

In addition to contact sports, mouthguards are also recommended for children and adults who play sports such as basketball, baseball, wrestling, football, volleyball, etc., in order to reduce the risk of fracturing a tooth or multiple teeth, but also to cushion blows by spreading the force of the impact. It also prevents cuts to the lips, cheek or tongue bites.

What are the different types of sports mouthguard?

There are several types of sports mouthguards, each with specific characteristics. At Turó Park Medical Center, we offer the third type: the custom-made mouthguard.

This option is the most economical but also the least comfortable as it is a mouthguard with with standard dimensions. Therefore it is neither adapted to your mouth shape nor to the type of sport you practice.

You can find this kind of mouthguard in sports shops, pharmacies or on the Internet.

This type of mouthguard is very common and is usually found in sports shops or specialist shops. To adapt it to your teeth, you must immerse it in boiling water and then place it in your mouth to mould.

If properly moulded (following the manufacturer's instructions), it offers better comfort than the ready-made mouthguard, but its moulding ability requires the use of a thinner material and is therefore less effective against impact.

The custom-made mouthguard is without doubt the best mouthguard for sportsmen and women. As the name suggests, it is customised to your own exact teeth and mouth shape and therefore fits perfectly in measurement. It is made of high performance materials and offers an excellent fit, comfort in the mouth and does not hinder breathing.

At Turó Park, we offer the fitting and moulding of this kind of mouthguard to our patients

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What are the stages of the preparation of the custom-made mouthguard?

First of all, you will meet our specialist dental technician who will take an impression of your teeth and gums using a special mould and paste. This step is completely painless.

In a second step, your mouthguard will be created in the laboratory from your impressions. It will be made of a material chosen and advised by the health professional, according to your needs and the characteristics of the activity performed.

Once the mouthguard has been created, a second meeting with the dental technician will provide a test of the fit and comfort of the mouthguard for the patient. If necessary, adjustments can be made until the mouthguard fits perfectly and does not cause any discomfort.

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How to store and maintain your sports mouthguard?

Your custom-made mouthguard will be delivered to you in its carrying case. We advise that in order to prolong its life, each time you use it you should rinse it well after use, then dry it and keep it in its box.

Mouthguards should ideally be replaced at the end of each sporting season as they become damaged and provide less protection for your teeth. Ideally, you should review your mouthguard during your annual visit to the dentist. For children and teenagers, this period can be even shorter as the jaw changes rapidly and the mouthguard can quickly become unsuitable.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your mouthguard or if your mouthguard no longer fits your mouth, please contact us as soon as possible.


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