If you suffer from physical problems (skin problems, pain...), addiction or behavioural problems (addictions, anxiety, phobia...) or emotional difficulties (lack of self-confidence, stress before an exam, etc.), Ericksonian hypnosis can help you find resources to overcome your problem.

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What is Ericksonian hypnosis?

Ericksonian hypnosis is part of the so-called brief therapies.

Derived from the practice of Milton Erickson, it differs from the directive approach of old hypnosis therapy and is based on deep listening to the patient as well as on relational harmonisation. It is no longer focused on getting something into the patient's head (direct suggestion) but of getting something out of the patient's inner world. The findings can be converted into a resource for therapy, and often the patient never knew they had it deep down previous to the conversation.

In this sense, Ericksonian hypnosis is a method which aims to slightly modify the state of consciousness in order to access the unconscious. Its aim is to allow the patient to draw on the resources necessary to resolve their problem.

Why use Ericksonian hypnosis?

The aim of hypnosis is not to treat a pathology but rather to accompany a person in their process.

The fields of application of therapeutic hypnosis are vast and often surprising. Among the main fields of application, we find:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Exam preparation
  • Bereavement support
  • Improving sleep

But hypnosis can also help to treat other disorders. Please contact our specialist to find out more.

hypnose ericksonienne
hypnose ericksonienne perte de poids

How does an Ericksonian hypnosis session take place?

A session of Ericksonian hypnosis begins with a discussion between the patient and the practitioner in order to define the objective of the therapy.

Then the session continues with a relaxation phase, called "induction", which leads to a state of hyper-concentration, called the "altered state of consciousness". The patient is plunged into a state of hyper-consciousness.

The practitioner then uses suggestions of images and stories to guide the individual towards their goal.  The practitioner invites the patient to focus their attention on a positive memory and to express themselves about it.

The therapist's role is then to support the patient's imagination throughout the conversation to help find the resources they possess that can help them solve their problems.

A session lasts about an hour but is dependant on the practitioner. Being a brief therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis is generally practiced over 5 to 10 sessions, ideally once a week.


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