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Tecartherapy, also known as contact radiofrequency, is a physiotherapy technique that stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, which leads to improved and stimulated tissue healing. It has many applications and, although used regularly for elite sportspeople and national teams, is not limited to high-level athletes. It is particularly used to treat recurrent pain, such as back pain.

The physiotherapists at Turó Park Medical Clinic are trained in Indiba technology and offer you TECARtherapy in combination with manual therapy techniques and other therapeutic methods. Make an appointment now!

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TECARterapia Indiba

What is Indiba TECARtherapy?

TECARtherapy is an innovative technique used by specially trained physiotherapists to treat both muscular pain and for aesthetic purposes. 

It is based on electrotherapy technologies (T.E.C.A.R. stands for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer) and uses devices such as the Indiba brand to deliver an electric current at a fixed frequency of 448 kHz. It acts by stimulating the body's own physiological repair processes, including tissue regeneration, in a non-invasive way.

TECAR is used in physiotherapy, but it can also be a complimentary technique to enhance surgery, for filler treatment effects or as single treatment therapy for skin tightening and body contour.

How does the Indiba technique work?

Indiba is a device that delivers an electric current at a fixed frequency of 448 kHz, thus accelerating the lymphatic and blood circulation in the areas of application. This deep tissue vascularisation encourages better tissue healing.

Two modes are available: capacitive and resistive.

  • The capacitive system allows the physiotherapist or specialist to selectively target certain tissues of the patient's body under the electrode (muscles, tendons, ligaments).
  • The resistive mode offers a deep action that allows the physiotherapist or specialist to act on areas that are usually difficult to access, such as joints.

Who should get TECARtherapy?

Indiba's tecartherapy has multiple applications and can be used to treat acute injuries, such as fractures, sprains, tendonitis, muscular or cartilage injuries, etc., as well as chronic injuries (osteoarthritis, lower back pain, etc.). It can also be used for pelvic-perineal rehabilitation or physiotherapy aesthetic treatments (remodelling, cellulite reduction, oedema drainage, etc.).

Previously reserved for high-level athletes, Indiba technology is now accessible to everyone.

What are the contraindications to Indiba treatment?

Tecartherapy is contraindicated for the following patients:

  • People with a pacemaker or any electronic implant
  • Pregnant women
  • People with recent scars or open wounds
  • Sufferers of thrombosis problems
  • Patients that have paresthesia (loss of sensation) in the area to be treated

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How does an Indiba TECARtherapy session at Turó Park Medical Clinic work?

During a TECARtherapy session, the physiotherapist uses a simple technological tool to localise its energy to specific zones and areas on your body. Specifically, they apply a moisturising cream and then places a passive electrode or "plate" on the patient's body and another on the area to be treated. This is a painless technique, only causing a sensation of heat in the area being treated.

In general, the physiotherapist uses complementary manual techniques in order to optimise the effects of the therapy.

The number of sessions of Indiba Therapy is determined by the health professional and according to the pathology to be treated. However, the benefits can be seen from the first session onwards.

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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about Indiba therapy

Are there any risks in using TECARtherapy?

No. TECARtherapy is a 100% non-invasive technology. It does not affect the body in any way and does not cause any tissue destruction.

What are the after effects of the Indiba treatment?

After the treatment, it is normal for the patient to feel a warm sensation in the treated area. The patient may also experience temporary discomfort in the same area. In rare cases, the application of INDIBA® PROIONIC® creams may cause slight skin irritation.

Which techniques can be combined with Indiba Therapy?

TECARtherapy can be used with all of the following techniques: manual therapy, structural therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, visceral manual therapy, fascia therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, scar massage, spinal techniques, posturology, acupuncture, massages, muscle chains, rebuilding, trigger points, manual lymphatic drainage.