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At Turó Park Clinics, we understand that health is nurtured and strengthened through the little things. Aware of the importance of personalizing care and healthcare, we have developed a series of packages designed to take wellness to the next level.

Each of these packages has been carefully thought out and structured around a specific concept, ensuring that they are optimally tailored to your health needs and goals. In addition, we offer flexibility, allowing for adjustments and modifications to perfectly align with each individual's health needs and expectations, thus guaranteeing a truly tailored and deeply enriching experience.

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Our different Well Ageing Packs

Pre-wedding Package

Your best day
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Dental Package

Revitalize your smile
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Postpartum Recovery Package

Taking care of you in this new stage
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Complete Body Aesthetic Package

From head to toe
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Our different packages can be completed and customized together with your doctor from a list of treatments.


All treatments are performed in approximately 3-4 h depending on the pack.


Allow us to manage your annual plan, offering the perfect treatment for each season so you can look your best throughout the year.

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    Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about Well Ageing Packages

    What if the package I want does not exist?

    The packages can be customized to your liking according to the time of the year and the treatments you wish to perform. You can count on the assistance of one of our specialists to configure the package to your needs.

    Can I create my own Well Ageing Package?

    Yes, you can choose any service from the list and create your own personalized beauty package, tailored to your needs and goals throughout the year.

    How long does a Well Ageing Pack last?

    The duration of the packs will depend on the chosen packages. It can last from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the treatments included. Treatments are usually painless, although some patients may experience minor discomfort during some tests.

    Is there any discount if I bring a friend?

    Yes, if you bring a friend, you will both receive an additional 10% discount on your package.

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