Are you looking for a treatment to strengthen your hair and stimulate its regrowth? Why don't you try hair mesotherapy!

In general, we all lose between 100 and 150 hairs per day, with hair loss peaking during the changing seasons. However, when this hair loss accelerates over a long period of time, it is called pathological hair loss or alopecia.

Several techniques are now proposed by specialists in aesthetic medicine to improve and stimulate the regrowth of the hair fibre while limiting the phenomenon of hair loss. This is particularly the case with hair mesotherapy.

If you are considering mesotherapy for hair, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our hair treatment specialist who will propose a personalised treatment plan according to your needs and expectations.

Treatment info

Information on hair mesotherapy treatment
Duration of the treatment15 min
Results6 - 18 months
AnestesiaNot necessary
PriceFrom €250

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Hair mesotherapy

What is the treatment of hair mesotherapy?

By definition, mesotherapy is a medical technique that consists of injecting small doses of medication or other products into the skin, using a needle or an electronic injector gun.

In the case of this procedure, a mixture of amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals (zinc, copper) and vitamins is injected into the scalp in order to stimulate the hair follicles on a long-term basis. The aim of this treatment is to improve the quality of the hair and to encourage its regrowth.

Who should get mesotherapy?

Scalp mesotherapy is aimed at all patients with the onset of baldness or moderate hair loss.

More generally, this treatment can be offered to men and women alike whose hair needs to be stimulated.

It is particularly indicated in the following cases:

  • Fine and dull hair
  • Early localized or diffuse hair loss
  • Androgenetic hair loss

Find the solution to your problem with our experts!

The hair treatment specialists at Turó Park Clinics offer you a free initial consultation to find out which options best suit your needs and expectations.

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How does a hair mesotherapy treatment at Turó Park Aesthetic Clinic work?

All treatments offered by our specialists begin with an initial consultation to analyse hair loss and the stage of baldness. A personalised treatment plan is then proposed to you.

The actual treatment takes place over several sessions and usually combines a mesotherapy session for deep hydration, followed by a photomodulation session to stimulate hair growth. In general, two months of treatment are enough to notice a significant slowing down of hair loss and sometimes an increase in hair density.

After your scalp mesotherapy session, you can resume your activities almost immediately. Simply avoid shampooing immediately after your session to give your scalp time to absorb the elements necessary for its growth. Similarly, avoid swimming, sauna and steam baths for 48 hours.

Our hair treatment specialist

Dr. Maria Carerra

Specialist in Aesthetic, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
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Dr. Daniela Fajardo

Capillary surgeon
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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about hair mesotherapy treatment

What are the side effects of hair mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has no side effects apart from redness of the scalp.

What are the contraindications of mesotherapy for hair?

Hair mesotherapy is contraindicated for people with infectious scalp lesions, shingles, or allergies to any of the injected components.

Is hair mesotherapy painful?

This treatment is not painful but the use of needles can be a little uncomfortable.

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