Same-day Covid-19 test results in Barcelona

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At Turó Park Dental & Medical Center we offer you all the tests currently available: PCR, Antibodies and Rapid Antigenic Test.

Depending on the test you need and your schedule, we direct you to our clinic or our fully secure and equipped partner laboratory.

We can also come to you: at your home or your office. For one person or for groups.

If you think you have symptoms and would like medical advice, please book a videoconsultation with one of our doctors specialized in infectious diseases.

Tests are not always performed at the clinic. We will provide you with the address of the laboratory where you should go if necessary in the appointment confirmation email. In our clinic or at one of our partner laboratories.

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PCR Test

At the laboratory 

Results in 24h-48h

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Rapid Antigen Test

At the clinic / at home / at your office

Results in 15mn

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Antibodies Test

At the laboratory 

Results in 24h

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PCR + Antibodies

At the laboratory 

Results in 24h-48h

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Get your PCR test results within 48 or 24 hours, valid for travelling and in the language of your choice.


Everything is done online, from your phone. Book your appointment and pay online.


Our medical advisors and doctors will guide you through the process in your own language!


At the clinic or laboratory, our centers are equipped and disinfected after each patient in accordance with the measures recommended by the WHO.

Covid Test in Barcelone: most asked questions

It is advisable to do a PCR test in the following cases: You think you have symptoms (loss of smell, loss of taste, fever, cough...) You have been to a place or person at risk (gathering) You will soon be returning to a hospital or an institution at risk You are about to take a transport for which a test is required You simply want to be tested by choice If you are tested, stay home and isolate yourself while waiting for the results.
If you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid, please contact your local health referral centre (HRC). Our medical staff will assess your symptoms and decide whether or not you should be tested. Please note that it is not currently possible to be tested voluntarily in the public health system. If you wish to be tested even though you have no symptoms and have not been in contact with an infected person, you will need to go to a private testing laboratory to be tested. Alternatively, you can book your test on the Turó Park Dental & Medical Center website and then go to one of our partner laboratories for testing. In order to provide our patients with complete medical assistance, we provide Covid-19 tests at highly qualified partner facilities. We can also provide you with an invoice if required.
If you would like to take a Covid test with Turó Park Dental & Medical Center, start by booking an appointment above, you can pay online. You will receive a confirmation by email and you can go to the laboratory whose address will be specified on the confirmation anytime you wish inbetween the laboratory hours.
After taking a test, you may receive 3 types of results: Positive: Covid-19 virus was detected in your body at the time of the test. Negative: Covid-19 virus was not detected in your body at the time of the test. Inconclusive: the test results do not show whether you were positive or not at the time of the test and you will have to take a new test. If you test positive, you should contact your referral health centre and isolate yourself at home for 10 days. 
To complement your test, we advise you to have a videoconsultation with one of our general practitioners if: You need to confirm your symptoms You would like to find out how the test will be conducted You would like psychological support Our doctors specialising in Infectious Diseases and our General Practitioners receive you by videoconsultation and offer you personalised follow-up.

Where to get tested with Turó Park Medical Center?

Test center location
Opening hours
Eixample Monday to Friday : 8h to 18h
Saturday and Sunday : 8h to 14h
Rocafort L1
Sagrada Familia Monday to Friday : 8h to 14h Joanic L4
Gràcia Monday to Friday : 8h to 19h30
Saturday and Sunday : 9h to 11h
Fontana L3
Ganduxer Monday to Friday : 8h to 8h30
Saturday and Sunday : 9h to 18h
La Bonanova L6