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Turó Park Dental & Medical Center allows you to book an appointment and pay for your test online, and then go to one of our partner laboratories to carry out the test. Your results will then be sent directly to you by the laboratory within 12 to 24 hours.

PCR tests are not performed at the clinic. We will provide you with the address of the laboratory where you will need to go in the appointment confirmation email.

Results in 12 or 24h

At the equipped laboratory

Prescription sent online

PCR Test At the laboratory - Valid for travelling 85 €

Nasopharyngeal test to find out if a person is carrying the virus at the time of testing. The test is required for any travel, return to work or hospitalization. Online payment.

PCR + Antibodies At the laboratory 135 €

Nasopharyngeal test to find out whether a person is a carrier of the virus at the time of testing + Blood sample to detect whether a person has already contracted the virus (antibody tests). Online payment.

We help you get reimbursed by your health insurance!

Invoice and Treatment Form abroad are also available online.


If you have difficulties booking online, please call us on our hotline at +34 932 529 729. and book by phone.

Be careful, while waiting for the results of the test, the patient suspected of being infected must remain confined and strictly comply with all preventive measures.

*Additional fee of 30 € for results within 24 hours.

PCR test in Barcelona: the most frequently asked questions

The PCR test, also known as RT-PCR for "Reverse Transcriptase-PCR", is a molecular diagnostic test that shows when a person contracts the virus It, therefore, makes it possible to know whether a person is a carrier of Covid-19 at the time the test is carried out.
The PCR test consists of a nasopharyngeal swab, i.e. a kind of soft cotton swab (swab) is inserted into each nostril of the patient up to the nasopharynx for a few minutes.
The PCR test is generally not painful but it can be unpleasant, especially for people with a deviated nose. It is necessary to push the swab deep enough to collect nasal cells.
The time required to analyze the results is approximately 3 hours. However, due to the high demand for this type of test, the deadline for obtaining results is 12-24 hours.
PCR tests can be very accurate, detecting the virus in 95% of cases. This is why they are the most popular tests today, especially for travel.