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Our dental clinic offers conservative dentistry, orthodontics, implantology, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and dental emergencies.

Equipped with the latest equipment and a multidisciplinary medical team, our dental practice allows you to obtain a precise diagnosis as quickly as possible and to benefit from comprehensive and personalised care for all dental problems in one place.

We have multilingual doctors who speak English, French, Spanish, Catalan, and German. Our clinic is multicultural and we take care to understand you at all levels.

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The treatments offered in our dental clinic

Dental emergencies

Just like medical emergencies, dental emergencies require prompt attention to relieve pain and avoid complications.

Dental extraction

Even though teeth are no longer pulled on a whim, dental extraction is sometimes necessary to preserve the dental health of the patient.

Bruxism mouthguards

Dental trays are night braces for people who tend to clench their jaws or grind their teeth while sleeping.

Custom-made sport mouthguards

Mandatory for the practice of certain disciplines, the sports mouthguard helps to prevent and reduce the severity of traumatic orofacial injuries, particularly to the teeth.

Dental care for children 

As soon as they appear, usually around the age of 6 months, children's teeth should be treated with the same care as adults'.

Maxillofacial surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery concerns the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and abnormalities of the face, mouth, teeth and jaws.

Check-ups and scaling

Detecting and treating possible oral problems, such as cavities, at an early stage will ensure a longer and healthier life for your teeth.

Dental radiology

Dental X-rays are used to detect lesions and abnormalities that cannot be detected by your dentist during a clinical examination. It is an essential part of dental medicine.


The most common treatment in endodontics is root canal therapy, which in most cases saves a badly damaged tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Gum care

Gum disease is extremely common and is the number one cause of tooth decay in adults. They must be treated quickly to avoid complications.

Treatment of a cavity

Cavities never heal spontaneously and a visit to the dentist is essential to treat the cavity and avoid possible complications.

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics for children

Orthodontics for children aims to normalise disturbed functions and then allow the expression of harmonious growth.

Orthodontics for teenagers and adults

There are many invisible orthodontic techniques available today that allow adults and teenagers to benefit from braces without compromising aesthetics.

Lingual orthodontics

Unlike conventional braces, lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth on the tongue side. It is therefore completely invisible from the outside and offers exceptional precision.


With custom-made clear aligners, you can change the alignment of your teeth and correct your dental malocclusion without anyone knowing that you have braces.

Cosmetic dental treatments

Teeth whitening

To lighten teeth and remove certain stains, it is possible to have dental bleaching using a highly concentrated whitening product and a UV lamp.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic films or shells that the dentist glues to the outside of the visible teeth (incisors and canines, or even premolars) to correct the shape, shade, or spacing of the teeth.

Dental crowns

Crowns are used to replace one or more teeth in an aesthetic and durable way. They can be placed on the natural root if it is in good enough condition or on a dental implant if the root is missing or cannot be saved.

Dental implant

Comfortable and long-lasting, dental implants offer an ideal solution to regain real chewing comfort and an aesthetic result as close as possible to natural teeth.

What is dental aesthetics?

Cosmetic dentistry is the specialty of dentistry that deals with improving the appearance of teeth.

It includes all the techniques and tools available to dentists to improve the appearance of their patients' smiles, such as veneers, dental crowns and tooth whitening. To achieve the best possible results, facial features must be taken into account in order to harmonise the smile with the rest of the face.

Cosmetic dentistry can therefore improve self-image and have a positive physical and psychological impact.

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Our team of English-speaking dentists

Trained in the most important European universities, our dentists, accompanied by specialists and qualified dental assistants, carry out treatments according to the most up-to-date scientific data. Multilingual, they will be able to provide your dental care in English in order to facilitate your exchanges and to give you serenity during your treatment.

Depending on your needs, you will be cared for by one of the members of our medical team composed of

Our English-speaking dentists

Dr. Madeleine Smit

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Dr. Carlota Herrera

Oral Surgeon & Implantologist
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Dr. Flor Gómez

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Dr. Marta Peña

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Dr. Léa Bonnard

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Dr. Rachel Ezzeddine

General Dentist
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Dr. Alejandro Mazarro

Maxillofacial surgeon
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Dr. Claudia Wand

Children's orthodontics
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Dr. Jaime Guinovart

Aesthetic Dentist
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Dr. Patricia Filippi

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Dr. Lory Abrahamian

🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇦🇲
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Dr. Berta Furió

Dentist & Orthodontics
🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇫🇷
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Dr. Eléna Bensoussan

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Dr. Laura González

General & Pediatric Dentist
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Dr. Victoria Sansalvador

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Dr. Radia Sefrioui

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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about dental care and orthodontics

How often should I go to the dentist?

Ideally, you should see your dentist every six months, and at worst at least once a year. Regular check-ups and examinations will ensure that your teeth, gums, enamel and tongue are in good condition.

When to schedule the first visit to the dentist?

A very first visit to the dentist is recommended around the age of 4. This is an opportunity for the dentist to take stock of your child's teeth and check for early decay.

How to overcome the fear of the dentist?

Although you may have some concerns about going to your dentist, you should know that he or she is the best person to help you with your phobia. He or she will certainly empathise and be even more attentive to your stress. Verbalizing your fear is the first step towards healing! Depending on the severity of your phobia and the care required, he or she may prescribe medication to help reduce your stress or use conscious sedation.

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