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To enable you to access the best care quality at an accessible rate, we offer a personalized attendance service in English. From the organization of your budget to the post-operative follow-up, including the preparation of the stay and the performance of the treatments, you will be able to count on the English-speaking team of Turó Park Clinics.

Reduced wait times

Affordable rates

Experienced English-speaking doctors

Discover Turó Park Dental & Medical Center

Conveniently located in the heart of Barcelona, our clinic is equipped with the latest medical and dental technologies and offers you a pleasant and warm setting for the performance of all your treatments.

On site, both our medical and administrative team welcome you in your native language and assist you in every step of your journey. Our goal is simple: give you access to the best quality treatments at the best price.

Personalized support from A to Z

Free quote

Whatever your needs are, medical or dental, contact us now to get a free quote. Based on your medical examinations, test results or X-rays, our medical team will be able to offer you an indicative treatment plan, which you will then be able to approve during an on-site consultation.

Organization of your stay

Once you have accepted the estimate proposed by our medical team, our English-speaking advisors will contact you in order to give you an accurate estimate of your costs of stay in Barcelona and help you organize it: transport, accommodation, airport transfers… We will recommend the options best suited to your needs and budget. Wherever you come from, we are at your disposal. Whether from the Balearic Islands or from any other point, we can organize your transfer by land, sea or air.


Care delivery and follow-up

Beyond the organization of your trip, your advisor will also plan your care at the clinic according to your preferences and the availabilities of the doctors. Once the treatment is completed, you will also receive specific advice on how to better your recovery period and benefit from a personalized follow-up, even after you return home.

Our team is available for the realization of all your medical and dental care

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    2022 in figures: 40 specialists at our medical center, 200 specialists in our network, 50 000 patients treated, 250 000 consultations realized, 10 languages spoken.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our services by e mail: or by phone: +34 932 529 729. We will be happy to guide you, and in English !

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