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The purpose of a podiatry assessment is to examine the health of your feet. It is an opportunity to determine whether they are well positioned and functional, as a problem with the feet can lead to knee or back pain.

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What is a podiatry assessment?

The podiatry diagnosis consists of a structural and functional evaluation of the foot and other parts of the body such as the knee, hip, back, etc., in order to highlight anomalies, difficulties, dysfunctions that impact or risk impacting your body.

Thanks to a gait analysis, we can indeed prevent and treat various pathologies that manifest themselves in the lower limbs and notably

  • Plantar fasciitis,
  • Calcaneal spur,
  • Metatarsalgia,
  • Chondropathy,
  • Repeated sprains,
  • Tendinopathies,
  • Pelvic tilting, etc.

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Who is the podiatry assessment for?

The podiatry assessment is aimed at all people who wish to determine whether their pain or problem (of the back, foot, hip, knee or ankle) can be relieved by wearing orthopaedic insoles (classic, thermoformed or thermo-welded). This can be done for adults, but also for children from 5-6 years old.

A check-up with a chiropodist is particularly recommended for overweight people, people who have undergone surgery (lower limbs, pelvic girdle, spine), the elderly, pregnant women, workers in a standing position, athletes and people suffering from morphological anomalies (hollow feet, club feet, varum or valgum knees, etc.) or sensory motor deficiencies (multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid diseases, Parkinson's disease, etc.)

How does a chiropody assessment work?

Lasting 45 minutes to an hour, the podiatric assessment is divided into several stages:

What treatment is offered following a podiatrist's assessment?

The treatment depends on the parameters observed during the podiatry assessment and is specific to each patient. It usually involves wearing orthopaedic inserts, strengthening or stretching exercises for different muscle groups, etc.

If you are suffering from a problem that could be related to your feet, don't wait to have a podiatry assessment. In general, an early diagnosis offers better results.

Healthy feet, the basis for a healthy body.

Our podiatrists are available to diagnose and treat all your posture and foot problems.

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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about the podiatry biomechanical assessment

Is a podiatry assessment necessary to obtain orthopaedic inserts?

Yes, the podiatry assessment is an essential preliminary step to establish a diagnosis of the possible need to wear orthopaedic inserts.

What is the difference between a podiatrist and a posturologist?

A podiatrist is a practitioner of pedicure and podiatry. However, as the title of posturologist is not currently regulated, it is important to check that the therapist holds a DIU (inter-university diploma) in clinical posturology.

Why wear orthopaedic inserts?

Orthopaedic insoles may be recommended to relieve pain elsewhere, for example in the lower back, legs or ankle. People who tend to roll their feet inwards, and those with high arches of the foot should wear orthotics.