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The prevalence of asthma in Europe is 5-7% in adults. This prevalence has doubled over the last twenty years, but is currently stabilising in most countries. Asthma is therefore a very common condition but can greatly diminish the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

The doctors at Turó Park Clinics offer their professional expertise to help asthma patients improve their condition, relieve their current symptoms and prevent exacerbations. It should be noted that the flu vaccine is strongly recommended for people with cardiovascular and respiratory risk factors, such as asthma, before the cold weather arrives.

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What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung condition that causes acute flare-ups of difficulty in breathing. It is characterised by choking due to the inflammation of the breathing tubes, resulting in difficulty of air passing into the lungs.

These flare-ups occur randomly or after exposure to a trigger. Identifying and avoiding these factors can help to keep your symptoms under control:

  • Allergies (dust, animal fur, pollen)
  • Tobacco (smoke)
  • Pollution, hazardous substances and chemical agents
  • Atopy

There are some factors that are important to be aware of, such as consanguinity, family history of asthma and/or allergies, medical history, and occupational history.

What are the different types of asthma?

If you have asthma, it is important to know what type it is so that you can manage it more effectively. Asthma classifications are based on severity and are determined by the patient's symptoms or the results of lung function tests, such as spirometry.

A patient's asthma classification is determined by their pre-treatment symptoms, which may also change over time, so a patient may change asthma category. However, all categories can experience severe asthma attacks.

Attacks can occur in all age groups and usually begin in childhood, although asthma in children under 4 years of age can be difficult to diagnose, as its symptoms are often different from those of asthma in older children or adults.

The different severities of asthma range from intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, to severe persistent.

We can also talk about types of asthma:

  • Allergic asthma
  • Non-allergic asthma
  • Seasonal asthma
  • Occupational asthma
  • Exercise-induced asthma
  • Asthma that is difficult to control
  • Severe or severe asthma

How is asthma diagnosed?

To diagnose asthma and assess its importance, the doctor first relies on a precise description of the symptoms (breathlessness, wheezing, coughing), the circumstances in which these manifestations appear, their length of time, and their frequency. The presence of allergy or asthma in the patient's family is an additional argument in favour of an asthma diagnosis.

To confirm the diagnosis and then follow up asthma, breathing tests are carried out:

  • Spirometry
  • Plethysmography
  • A bronchial provocation test

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What are the treatments for asthma?

Treatment for asthma attacks and disease-modifying therapy are complementary in the management of asthma and it is important to be familiar with them. Your doctor will work with you to decide on the right treatment to control your asthma.

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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about asthma

What are the side effects of Ventolin?

At high doses, the use of beta-2 mimetics, the class of bronchodilators to which Ventolin belongs, can lead to a decrease in blood potassium (hypokalaemia) or a transient increase in blood sugar (hyperglycaemia).

What foods should I avoid if I have asthma?

Saturated fatty acids promote airway inflammation and worsen asthma symptoms. You should therefore limit the consumption of foods high in saturated fats such as meat and dairy products.

How do you know if you have asthma?

Spirometry is the basic test for assessing lung function in a person with asthma. This test is quick and painless.