Turó Park Dental & Medical Center is excited to bring you a brand new smile with the help of this innovative, invisible orthodontic technique.


Experience the newest trend in straightening teeth with practically undetectable orthodontics. The English-speaking orthodontic team at Turó Park Dental and Medical Center will make improving your smile easy.  With Invisalign, there is no reason to be self-conscious or to delay starting your orthodontic treatment another day.

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What is the Invisalign Technique?

This popular type of orthodontics uses transparent and removable mouthguard-like aligners to straighten your teeth and fix your bite.  Treatment is most successful and fastest when the aligners are worn at least 22 hours a day.  Your teeth will move into place quickly, so you will progress to new aligners approximately every 2 weeks. Invisalign is therefore less painful and more discreet.  This makes it an attractive choice for both teenagers and adults who may have bad memories of traditional braces.


Who can benefit from the Invisalign method?

The Invisalign technique is recommended for all people (young an old) with poorly aligned teeth. Barcelona’s Turó Park Dental & Medical Center has specially-trained orthodontists available to advise you how Invisalign can help your smile.

Invisalign works especially well to correct:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Bite alignment problems (cross bite, overbite)
  • Patients who had orthodonics in the past but whose teeth have since moved out of alignment

How does the Invisalign method work?

After your first consultation appointment at Turó Park, we will take impressions of your teeth, X Rays and photographs of your teeth and mouth. All of this information is used to make a virtual simulation, called clin check.  Your personal Turó Park orthodontist uses the clin check to plan the virtual movement of the teeth every 15 days throughout the treatment. This prediction is made through a complex study and innovative 3D software.  A cutting-edge 3D printer then produces your personalized transparent aligners in just 24-30 hours.

At your follow-up appointment, your orthodontist places the first aligner and any attachments, whose function is to help the rotation of the teeth. Each aligner causes small changes and should be replaced every 15 days approximately.  Unlike with braces, it is not necessary to go to the clinic to make the change.  Instead, your English-speaking Turó Park orthodontist only needs to see you approximately every two months to monitor your smile’s progress.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?


Anyone who sees your smile will hardly notice the clear aligners.  You don’t have to hide metal brackets or other dental appliances any longer!


Because aligners can be removed, you can take temporarily them out for important events such as weddings, meetings, or first dates.

Easy to clean

No more worrying about food getting stuck in your braces!  You can just take your aligners out of your mouth at mealtimes.  At the end of the day, rinse your aligners with clean water and brush once a day with toothpaste and a special type of toothbrush.

Improved comfort

Unlike metal brackets, braces, and wires, plastic aligners are less likely to cause sores or irritation of sensitive gums, tongue or your mouth. Because the aligners are custom-designed and made to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth perfectly, this less-invasive technique offers maximum comfort.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thanks to the Turó Park’s computerized monitoring system, all changes in your smile are verified along the way, eliminating any possibility of treatment failure or supises along the way.


My Invisalign treatment at Barcelona’s Turó Park Dental & Medical Center.

Turó Park Clinic’s team of experienced, English-speaking professionals specialize in the Invisalign technique. We will guide you through your treatment and have the latest equipment to provide you with individualized, quality care.

Turó Park, Dental & Medical Center now offers three Invisalign Treatment Plans:

  1. Invisalign Full: Our most popular option comprehensively treats all types of orthodontic problems, from the simplest to the most complicated.  We provide an unlimited number of aligners and the treatment lasts approximately 18 months.
  2. Invisalign Lite:  Recommended for less-complicated orthodontic problems, this program generally does not exceed 8 months.
  3. Invisalign Teen: Specially designed for teenagers, this program provides an unlimited number of aligners and lasts for approximately 18 months.


Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone (+34 932 529 729), if you need more information.

We will be happy to tell you all about the Invisalign method and how can help you get a better smile more quickly, comfortably, and discretely.


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