Our team of family doctors in Barcelona is the first point-of-contact with patients.

The general practitioners treat patients when they feel ill or experience basic injuries, and, in additition to this, they refer patients to specialists when they need specific treatments.

Our English Speaking Family Doctor Service in Barcelona

  • Overall health checks
  • ECG
  • Age-related health checks and disease prevention programs
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical reports
  • Disease prevention
  • Drug interactions
  • Specialist referral

Dr. Amir Safa

General & Family Practitioner
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Dr. Marc Lorenzelli

Family & Sport Doctor
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Dr. Laetitia Ricaud

General Practitioner
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Dr. Anna Pedro

English Speaking General Practitioner in Barcelona
General practitioner
Family doctor
Respiratory diseases
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Dr. Ilham Abdelrahim

English Speaking General Practitioner in Barcelona
General medicine
Family medicine
Preventive medicine
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