We are an accessible private clinic. Depending on your insurance policy, 80% to 100% of the cost of your medical treatment will be covered by your health insurer and reimbursed to you.
Private healthcare avoids long waiting lists of public service when you need to see a specialist.

Two types of insurance policies

  •  Basic insurance Limited choice doctors, centers and hospitals

    • Choose from a list of doctors provided by your insurer
    • Covers basic services (visit with doctor, health check, medical analysis)
    • Hospitalization costs usually not covered
    • Good basic insurance to avoid long waiting lists to be seen by a specialist compared to public service
  • Reimboursement Free choice doctors, centers and hospitals

    • Up to 100% of the cost of the visit
    • You must pay your doctor’s visit and claim your reimbursement at posteriori. This usually takes between 5 and 15 days and you can claim between 80-100% back
    • Approximately 20-30€/ month more expensive than a basic private insurance policy
    • We work with private reimbursement policies of major insurance companies such as Axa Optima Plus, Asisa Integral, Allianz Salud Reemboolso, Cigna Global, DKV Mundisalud, Sanitas Mas, Mapfre Salud Reembolso, Bupa Company Gold, Geoblue.
    • If you have additional dental insurance added to your reimbursement policy, you can have between 30-100% reimbursed depending on your insurance company and dental procedure.
What is the typical monthly COST?LOW CUOTA – Ex:  from 38€*HIGHER CUOTA – Ex:  from 50€*
Can I see any doctor I want?Choose from limited list of doctorsFree to choose any doctor
Is everything included in my monthly fee?No, you pay extras for visitsYou pay doctor’s fees and submit your invoice for  80 – 100% reimboursement with your insurer. 
Examples of insurance companies DKV
Examples of insurance policiesAdeslas Basica
Adeslas Plena
Adeslas Vital
Sanitas Mas Salud
DKV Integral
DKV Modular
DKV Seleccion
Cigna Salud Plena
Adeslas Plena Extra 150
Sanitas Plena 90.000
DKV Mundi Salud
DKV Residentes
DKV Top Health
Cigna Salud Reembolso Blue
Cigna Salud Reembolso Gold (incl USA)
What about Turo Park Medical Center’s MEDICAL services?Medical Analysis


Medical Analyses



General Medical Doctor



Infectious Disease


What about Turo Park Medical Center’s DENTAL services.  Are they covered by my insurance if I have dental insurance?NoIf you have EXTRA dental insurance in ADDITION to your general health insurance, some companies may reimburse 30-100% of CERTAIN dental treatments
The cost of extra dental insurance? Approx. 9€/ month* But can only go to your insurer’s dental center