You want to change your diet and are looking for professional support?

Whether for health reasons, to lose or gain weight, or to follow your principles, you have decided to change your eating habits. This is a very wise decision.

However, it is important to be accompanied by a professional nutritionist to establish an adapted diet and prevent any micronutrient deficiencies.

Whatever your specific needs are, our nutritionists and dietitians in Barcelona can help you adapt your diet through a personalized program.

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Why change your diet?

There are many reasons why you might want to change your diet:

  • To lose weight
  • To gain weight
  • To eat healthier
  • To improve your digestion
  • For ecological reasons
  • And many more...

Why should you consult a nutritionist?

Eat well to live well.

Our English-speaking nutritionist welcomes you to review your dietary balance and propose a programme according to your specific needs.

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Our tips for a healthier diet

Whatever your nutritional goal is, there are some tips you can adopt to improve your daily life and be healthier. They apply to everyone and have only benefits:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  • Drink enough liquids
  • Get regular physical activity
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reduce stress

How does a nutrition consultation at Turó Park Clinics work?

  1. First free video consultation: during this first appointment, our nutritionist will take the time to understand your needs and your personal situation in order to propose a personalised programme that meets your expectations.
  2. Delivery of the personalised programme: you will receive your programme and action plan by email and will benefit from a consultation to ask your questions and discuss with your nutritionist.
  3. Regular follow-up: you will then benefit from a personalised follow-up for 3 months, with regular consultations.
  4. Review: 6 months after the start of your programme, you will be able to consult your nutritionist again to ensure that your results are sustainable.

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Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about diet changes

What vitamins should I take if I'm a vegetarian?

Vitamins B12 and B9, zinc, iron, iodine, certain essential amino acids and the omega-3s EPA and DHA are nutrients that may be lacking due to the absence of animal foods. In some cases, supplementation may therefore be of interest.

What are the risks of the vegan diet?

If not properly balanced, the vegan diet can lead to anaemia and a state of great physical and mental weakness. Indeed, because humans have evolved as omnivorous animals, the vegan diet exposes us to a high risk of deficiencies in protein, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins D and B12, among others. On the other hand, if it is well controlled and accompanied, if necessary, by vitamin and mineral supplements, there is no particular risk.

What are the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency?

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to nerve damage, tingling or loss of feeling in the hands and feet, muscle weakness, loss of reflexes, motor difficulties, confusion and dementia.