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Cathy Morghese

Enhance your integral balance

Cathy Morghese, Dietitian-Nutritionist

Graduated in biology applied to the food industry and biotechnology from the University of Strasbourg, Cathy Morghese has spent a large part of her career working for various large companies.

In 2016, she decided to return to her first passion, nutrition and obtained a technical degree in dietetics and clinical nutrition 2 years later. In 2020, she also obtained a degree in Anti-Aging Medicine from the University of Paris-Est Créteil.

Specialized in holistic nutrition, Cathy has also trained in other complementary disciplines such as :

  • Humanistic Psychology: Cathy is "Encouragement consultant", trained with Kristian Orozco via the Lynn Lott method.
  • Mindful eating with Dr. Lynn Rossy at the Center of Mindful Eating, USA.
  • Sports Nutrition with the help of Anna Grífols- Nutriexper.

4 exclusive programs for a personalized treatment:

Prevention - Well aging

Program adapted to people who wish to anticipate the changes related to aging

Well-being - Dietary changes

Program dedicated to people wishing to correct their diet or adopt a healthier diet while respecting their needs.

Sports - Performances

Programme pour les athlètes qui veulent améliorer leurs performances tout en respectant leur corps et leurs besoins physiologiques.

Health - Pathologies

Program for people who suffer from a pathology and wish to improve their daily comfort thanks to an adapted diet.

If you are hesitating about which program is the best for you, our dietitian-nutritionist Cathy Morghese will help you identify your needs and clarify your expectations in a 100% personalized care.

The program takes 3 months:

  1. FREE first appointment (15 min) by phone or videoconsultation
  2. Diagnostic session to establish the patient's needs (1h): appointment at the clinic

7 days later: delivery of the personalized program by email

7 days later: follow-up session of the program (30-45 min) by phone or videoconsultation

  1. First month: 1 session per week at the clinic (1 diagnosis + 3 sessions), by phone or videoconsultation
  2. Second month: 1 session at the clinic, by phone or videoconsultation + follow-up by email
  3. Third month: 1 session at the clinic, by phone or videoconsultation + follow-up by email
  4. Sixth month: 1 post-program follow-up session at the clinic, by telephone or videoconsultation


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