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Have you recently had hearing loss? Ringing in the ears? Hearing disorders are diverse and varied pathologies that can severely hamper everyday life if mistreated.

The ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors working in our medical clinic in Barcelona receive you in a personalized way in order to rehabilitate your hearing.

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How can you prevent hearing problems?

Ear damage caused by noise can be avoided. Our specialists in otolaryngology advise you to take care of your hearing by respecting the following criteria:

  • Use earplugs when you are exposed to loud sounds (music, concerts, etc.)
  • Lower the volume of the TV or radio
  • Avoid inserting small objects into your ears to clean them
  • Perform a hearing test

What are the main hearing problems?

Calculated in decibels, we distinguish several degrees of intensity of deafness:

  • Mild deafness (loss of 20 to 39 decibels): hearing loss of low and high-pitched noises.
  • Average deafness: (loss of 41 to 70 decibels): this is the first major level of disability, forcing people to wear a hearing device.
  • Severe deafness (loss of 70 to 90 decibels)
  • Profound deafness (loss of more than 90 decibels): people cannot hear anything at all.
Depending on the different elements of the affected ear, deafness is said to be transmission, perceptual or mixed:
  • Transmission deafness. It is distinguished by poor sound transmission at the level of the outer ear (external auditory canal) and the middle ear (eardrum composed of 3 ossicles - hammer, anvil and stirrup - allowing the transmission of information to inner ear). It is usually caused by a buildup of earwax, an ear infection or a perforated eardrum.
  • Sensory deafness. It is characterized by damage to hair cells in the inner ear and in the nerve that transmits sound to the brain. The causes are multiple: old age, exposure to loud sounds, taking antibiotics, infections ...
  • Mixed deafness. In this case, the auditory nerve and the inner ear are damaged.
This neurosensory reaction, due to an injury in the ear, manifests itself by a more or less high-pitched sound perceived continuously or temporarily.

This pathology is characterized by hypersensitivity of resonances. Therefore, the slightest sound becomes annoying, intolerable, even painful. Hyperacusis is often accompanied by other symptoms such as migraines or tinnitus.

Aging, emotional shocks, auditory sensory trauma, taking ototoxic drugs are all identified causes.

This is progressive hearing loss associated with age.
Tympanic perforation is caused by an ear infection or by trauma (overpressure, insertion of an object into the ear, loud noise).




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Management of hearing problems

Disabling, even painful, hearing problems are by no means trivial. By making an appointment with an otolaryngologist at Turo Park Medical & Dental Center, you will benefit from a personalized diagnosis and treatment, following a well-oiled protocol.

The diagnostics

  • The first step is to put a name on the pain that is eating you up. During the consultation, the ears are checked. Sometimes a simple earwax plug can be the cause of the pain. This autoscopic auscultation can also detect eardrum disease. But, if nothing is found, the ENT will require further investigation, as well as audiometry.
  • Audiometry is a hearing assessment performed in a soundproof booth. The goal is to broadcast noises through headphones in order to assess the ear canal. This medical examination is used to diagnose and determine the intensity of deafness and is crucial for the prescription of prostheses.


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Once the problem is defined, it's time for therapy. Our otolaryngology service is equipped with the most advanced technologies, offering a wide range of treatments relieving your hearing problems.


In order to fight otitis, ENT recommends taking antibiotics for young children. It is also possible to administer corticosteroids intravenously or orally for sudden hearing loss, requiring urgent consultation.


Certain situations require patients to undergo surgery.

  • Installation of aerators in the event of serous otitis
  • Tympanoplasty in case of perforation of the eardrum
  • Functional surgery to "repair or replace ossicles"
  • Placement of certain hearing aids (cochlear implants and brainstem implants)

The equipment

Hearing aids cannot restore complete hearing. However, they do amplify sound perception and improve the communication skills of people who observe damaged hearing.


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