Are you thinking of having cosmetic breast reduction surgery to achieve a desired proportion of your breasts in Barcelona?

Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of the breasts. Notably when the patient suffers from back pain, inconvenience or that the patient's self-esteem or confidence is affected negatively. Often used as a way to achieve a symmetrical appearance of the breasts or to change their size and shape.

If you are considering cosmetic breast surgery, make an appointment with our specialists. They will study your specific case and offer you a solution adapted to your needs and expectations.

What are the different breast surgery treatments?

There are three general categories of cosmetic surgery performed on the breasts (also called mammoplasty):

It is possible to complement one surgery with another.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue to ease the discomfort of having over-sized breasts.

It can modify the shape, volume and position of the breast, while respecting the desired symmetries and proportions. 


Reasons to get cosmetic breast reduction surgery

This decision is yours, and yours alone.

However, this procedure would help your breasts to feel smaller, lighter and give them a better shape.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our plastic surgeon. Make sure you see a highly-qualified, trained surgeon. 

Many women have reported wanting breast reduction surgery for the following reasons:

  • Heavy breasts causing mild discomfort
  • Distress and discomfort during sports and activity due to the extra weight
  • Backache or breast pain
  • Difficulty buying clothes and underwear due to chest proportion, notably inability to wear strappy tops and not having the choice to go without a bra
  • Desire to change your appearance to improve comfort and confidence in clothing and swimwear.

How is cosmetic breast reduction usually performed?

The pre-operative consultation

The surgeon will talk to you before the operation about your desired final results. During this consultation, the following is established:

  • The patient's motivation
  • Medical history
  • A physical examination
  • A pre-anaesthesia check-up is also performed

The patient will determine their desired size at this point.


The operation

Breast reduction surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. Therefore, you'll be asleep during the operation.

Generally, the operation involves:

  • moving your nipple to its new position
  • removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from your breasts
  • reshaping the remaining breast tissue

The operation takes 2 to 3 hours, depending on the extent of the breast reduction.


The post operation

Post surgery, you'll have dressings on your breasts. After the operation, the patient must wear bandages to support the breasts and limit swelling.

You may have some pain for a few days, which can be relieved with painkillers.

You will not see what your breasts look like until the swelling has gone down.

During this period, it is recommended to sleep on the back to encourage complete healing. Sporting activity, exposure to intense heat or cold is not recommended.

Pain and discomfort can be relieved with medication prescribed by the surgeon.


Recovery or aftercare

It is advised that you take at least one week off work to give your breasts proper time to recover. Your surgeon will advise you on how soon you can resume normal daily activities and exercise

Following your boob reduction surgery, your breasts will require support in the months following the procedure. You will be required to wear a post-surgery bra or sports bra for up to three months during the day and at night.

You will be able to shower or bath as normal a few days after the surgery, simply by removing your bra just before and putting it on again immediately afterwards.


Breast reduction: our answers to your FAQs

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is amongst the only treatments available to reduce breast size. This is done by operating to remove fat, breast tissue and skin in the breasts to get a smaller cup size.
In the majority of cases, the procedure itself is not painful due to the use of anaesthesia. However, after the operation it is likely that you will experience considerable pain for the following period, so you'll be given pain relief.
It can take 2 to 6 weeks to fully recover from breast reduction surgery. Also, for full recovery you will be asked to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for up to 3 months after breast surgery.
As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are scars and scar tissue left post-operation. Located on the breast and nipple area, they are not easily visible, hidden by clothes and fade over time.
Depending on your personalised treatment, price may vary. Get in touch with our plastic surgeon to receive a quote.

Are there risks associated with breast surgery?

It is a relatively straightforward procedure. As with any surgery, some uncertainty and risk are expected. It is best to talk to your surgeon about your concerns and expectations. Seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

There are various risks to consider:

  • Thick, obvious scarring
  • nerve problems in the nipples – they may become more sensitive, less sensitive, or completely numb; this can be temporary or permanent
  • As with all operations, there is a small carried risk of bleeding, colts, infection and allergic reaction.

This is why it is of utmost importance to consult a highly qualified and experienced surgeon. 

If you are planning on having children

If you plan to have breast reduction surgery before having children, note that your breasts can get larger again during pregnancy, which may affect the results of the operation.

There's also a chance you will not be able to breastfeed after the operation.


It is most likely that you will have scars around your nipples.

You may also have a vertical scar running down your breast and a horizontal scar across the crease, below the breast (anchor-shaped). This depends on the type of surgery you have so it is best to ask your surgeon before operation.

Scars are usually red for the first 6 weeks, but most fade over time and should be invisible under normal clothes, bras and bikini tops.

It is possible to find products to help reduce scarring, as well as treatments.



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