second Barcelona clinic

Second Barcelona clinic opening

Turó Park Dental and Medical Center boosts expat healthcare services with second Barcelona clinic Written by Chené Koscielny Turó Park Dental …
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anxiety l’anxiété

How to manage anxiety

What is anxiety? When our body is confronted with stress, its natural response is anxiety, a growing feeling of nervousness …
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COVID recovery pass

COVID Recovery Pass

Everything you need to know about the COVID Recovery Pass If you want to travel abroad, attend events or have any …
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Letter from our CEO

We are glad to have you as an integral part of Turo Park Dental & Medical Center, and we love …
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help with depression

Small steps to tackle depression

Depression can affect anyone, anywhere. Small steps can be taken to tackle depression, that have a big impact. There is increasingly …
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contraception / método anticonceptivo / Contraception and STDs

How do I find the contraception that suits me best?

Contraception: all of your options and how they work! Regardless of your age and the contraceptive methods you already know, you …
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se débarrasser de l’acné / acne treatments for both adults and adolescents

Top tips for getting rid of acne & acne treatments

In regard to acne, many people immediately think of juvenile acne and consider this problem as something that only occurs …
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Your first osteopathy appointment will include a manual approach

Your first osteopathy consultation

Written by Dr. Irene Clavijo Find out all you need to know about your first osteopathy appointment. In the Turo …
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the importance of COVID-19 tests

A guide to the different types of COVID-19 tests

Get your COVID-19 tests at Turó Park Medical Center in the heart of Barcelona! Book COVID-19 tests here: Select an option Appointment …
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Deep cavity treatment with a qualified dentist

Treatment of a deep cavity / filling:

Guidelines & what to expect after the treatment of a deep cavity / filling: Written by Dr. Madeleine Smit A …
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