Conscious Sedation

We are now offering conscious sedation for dental procedures at our conveniently-located Barcelona clinic. At Turó Park Medical and Dental Center, our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and patient-friendly dental and medical care. After some of our patients requested conscious sedation for their dental procedures, we made it happen! Your safety is our first …

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dental implants - turo park dental and medical center - Barcelona

A Whole New World of Dental Implant Technology

A New World of Dental Implants available at Turó Park Medical and Dental Center Not long ago, the only option for people missing teeth were either gaps in their mouth, dentures, or dental bridges.  Not very enticing, right? Fortunately, Barcelona’s premiere multilingual dental clinic, Turó Park Medical and Dental Center, offers you better choices.   …

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Travel Vaccination Clinic

Get ready for your next trip at Turo Park Medical and Dental’s Travel Vaccination Clinic! We at Turó Park Dental and Medical Center, Barcelona’s premiere English-speaking medical center, want to keep you healthy, even when you travel around the world. That is why we have Dr. Juan Ambrosini, a world-wide infectious disease and travel medicine …

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Skin Rejuvenation Season - Turo park dental and medical center barcelona

Skin Rejuvenation Season

The post-summer months are often called “Skin Rejuvenation Season” because many of the most effective anti-aging and esthetic medicine treatments have their best effects when you spend less time out in the sunshine. Now is the time of year to help your skin recover from your summer holidays with these treatments recommended by Dr. Noemi …

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