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Nutrition is always important, but as you age it becomes of even more significance. Proper nutrition and exercise are key for maintaining your health and physical appearance as you age. On average we are living longer and we face a new challenge of living through the years in good health. Ageing is inevitable but it is possible to preserve your body and your skin by adopting a balanced diet rich in antioxidants.

Here are some anti-aging tips to fight back:

The principles of anti-ageing nutrition

Focus on the natural

Focus on the natural

It may sound obvious, but to stay healthy longer, you need to banish junk food and reduce processed foods, which usually contain a lot of chemical additives. You should favour natural, organic and locally produced foods to ensure maximum intake of micro-nutrients.

Micronutrients are vital to healthy development, disease prevention, and wellbeing. With the exception of vitamin D, micronutrients are not produced in the body and must be derived from the diet.

Eat less and eat better

Eat balanced and better

More than going on a diet, the idea is to eat consciously to give your body exactly what it needs without excess.

Also, eating and chewing slowly will jointly improve the assimilation of nutrients, digestion and the balance of your intestinal flora.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are the main pillars of anti-ageing diets. They provide all the nutrients, dietary fibre and antioxidants our bodies need to fight certain effects of ageing. They keep our cells young, vibrant and disease-free. Some fruits and vegetables are particularly rich in antioxidants: fruits, vegetables, citrus foods, garlic and parsley.

“Good” fats

"Good" fats

To avoid cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to reduce consumption of saturated fatty acids: meat, cold cuts, animal fats and Omega 6. On the other hand, unsaturated fats, found in vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oil, and in products made from these oils are very good for the body.

Unsaturated fats work to maintain your body’s cells and brain health, and certain fats even fight inflammation.

Reduce high glycemic index foods

Reduce high glycemic index foods

Foods with a low glycemic index prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. It is therefore better to avoid fast sugars (sweets, industrial fruit juices, white bread, etc.) in favour of slow sugars (quinoa, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc.).

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