Are you a serial snorer?

As we age, we are more likely to snore. Older people are more likely to be overweight, have weaker airway muscles which vibrate more easily, take more medications known to cause snoring, and catch more viruses which can make breathing through your nose noisier. One of the reasons why you may snore is sleep apnea. This is is a medical condition in which your airway collapses, blocking any oxygen flow, until you wake up, gasping for air.  Approximately 1 out of every 20 adults have sleep apnea.

An anti-snoring splint is a mouthpiece designed to reduce snoring. These are removable and reversible, and they enable mandibular protrusion which helps open and support airways for patients.

Why use an anti-snoring splint?


Easy to use

These devices are easy to use! They are simple pieces of equipment that do not include lots of different parts or different mechanisms. They are “user-friendly”. You do not need to worry about things such as replacing them, buying batteries, or charging them.



These devices are comfortable. They are custom-fit to your mouth and jaw, and are not too different than sleeping while wearing a sports mouthguard. When wearing the mouthpiece, your nose and mouth are free to breathe air without assistance. It is a perfect fit to your oral cavity.

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Anti-snoring splints are small devices. They are so small that you can bring them anywhere you go with very little to no inconvenience whatsoever. You can slip it into your pocket, in your bag, or just carry it in your hand. If you are someone who has to travel a lot then this lightweight device will be able to go with you everywhere you go.



They are silent and discreet. A lot of people avoid these types of devices because they believe that they will be a nuisance or stand out. This is especially the case if you are sleeping with a partner. These devices are “low profile”. They are not noticeable and do not make any noise so they will not be waking up anyone sleeping near you.

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