We want to accompany you in this new stage

At Turó Park Clinics, we are at your disposal to accompany you in the adventure of motherhood. Paying attention to every detail to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized care that suits your unique needs.

Rediscover your wellness with our "Postpartum Pack". This plan is designed to support mothers on their journey to physical and emotional recovery, postpartum. We understand that every maternity experience is unique, and that's why our plan is tailored to each woman's individual needs. Combining physical rehabilitation techniques, nutritional counseling and emotional support, we ensure a comprehensive recovery. Our goal is to take care of you in all aspects, facilitating a smooth and healthy transition to this new stage of life.

In addition, we have 4 exclusive Well Ageing Packs designed for every occasion and special moment, with the aim of providing you wellness in a comprehensive manner.


Information about the treatment package

Postpartum Recovery Pack Information
Duration of the treatment4 hours
Recovery / ResultsImmediate / Durable
EffectsStarting at 4 weeks
Anesthesia Not necessary
PriceFrom 795€

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What does our Postpartum Recovery Pack include?

Start a path of renewal and care focused on recovering after pregnancy, ensuring a detailed and tailored attention covering all facets of your well-being.

Discover how Turó Park Clinics takes care of you in maternity:

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pack postembarazo

  • Medical
    • Pack of 5 sessions of pelvic floor physiotherapy or draining massage.
    • Personalized nutrition plan with our specialist
  • Aesthetic Medical
    • Consultation with an Aesthetic Medicine Specialist for assessment and personalized plan.
    • Hair trichological study with our specialist
  • Dental
    • Dental check-up and dental cleaning with Air Flow
💫 Complete your experience

Complete your package

Our package allows for modifications to align with your expectations and needs.

Add additional treatments and products:

  • Body Mesotherapy from 350 €.
  • Hair Mesotherapy 250€.
  • Botox: Expression lines from 350 €.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Treatment 100 € (possibility of pack of sessions)
  • Platelet Rich Plasma for face 350 € / Hair 390 €.
  • IPL/Frax treatment from 190 €
  • Teeth whitening 585 €
  • Glycolic chemical peeling 150 €
  • Gold Pedicure 80 €
  • 10% discount on Products (Creams, Shampoos, ...)

Plan your Postpartum Recovery Well Ageing Pack

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    Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Postpartum Package

    What does pelvic floor physiotherapy consist of?

    A pelvic floor physical therapy session focuses on strengthening and rehabilitating the muscles of the pelvic area. It includes an initial evaluation by the physical therapist to identify weaknesses or dysfunction. Techniques used may include Kegel exercises, pelvic muscle training, biofeedback techniques to improve muscle awareness and control, and manual therapies to relieve tension and improve mobility.

    Why is pelvic floor physiotherapy beneficial?

    This type of physical therapy is beneficial for treating incontinence, prolapse, pain during intercourse and other pelvic floor related problems that can occur after childbirth.

    What is lymphatic drainage treatment?

    A draining massage is a technique that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to promote the elimination of liquids and toxins accumulated in the body. During the session, gentle and rhythmic movements are applied in the direction of the lymphatic flow, helping to unblock the lymphatic ducts and facilitating the drainage of liquids. This type of massage is ideal for reducing fluid retention, reducing swelling and promoting body detoxification, contributing to a feeling of lightness and general well-being.

    Why is it important to visit a specialist in hair trichology?

    After pregnancy due to hormonal changes you may have problems such as hair loss, alterations in hair texture or density. For this reason we recommend a visit to the specialist, who will evaluate the condition of the hair and scalp, providing specific treatments and advice to promote recovery and postpartum hair health.