Your doctor without leaving home

Your doctor without leaving home

Can't come? We're coming! We offer comprehensive clinical care at home, accompanying you and guiding you in everything related to your health. Our main objective is to attend to you in the comfort of your home and in the company of your family and relatives.

Formed by a medical team capable of caring for both adults and children, in situations ranging from emergencies to the monitoring of chronic patients.

What services do we offer?

General Medicine

We come to your home, hotel or apartment with everything necessary to provide an optimal solution. Home visits by our family doctors can avoid the usual long waits in hospital emergencies and give us the comfort of attending the patient in the place where he/she feels safer and calmer, which is even more important in cases of illness.


Home visits allow us to offer our pediatric services with the same philosophy as we do in the clinic but with greater comfort for the family. In addition, it allows professionals to assess and advise on the necessary care, observing their usual environment and adapting the recommendations to it.


Our team of physiotherapists has the necessary equipment and portable massage table to travel to your home and perform treatments from the comfort of your home, ensuring quality services and personalized follow-ups.


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