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Turó Park Dental & Medical Center offers you the possibility of carrying out your serological test in an equipped laboratory. If you think you are suffering from symptoms and would like a medical opinion, do not hesitate to book a videoconsultation with one of our doctors specialised in Infectious Diseases.

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Results in 24 or 48h

At an equipped laboratory

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Antibodies Test At the laboratory 40€

A blood sample can be taken to find out if a person has developed an immune reaction after coming into contact with the virus, but it cannot identify a carrier of the virus at the time of testing. Online payment.

PCR + Antibodies At the laboratory 140€

Blood sample to detect whether a person has already contracted the virus (antibody tests) + Nasopharyngeal test to find out whether a person is carrying the virus at the time of testing. Online payment.

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Once received, you can go directly to the laboratory (closed on Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays).

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Be careful, while waiting for the results of the test, the patient suspected of being infected must remain confined to his or her home and strictly comply with all barrier measures.

*Additional fee for results in 24h.

Covid-19 Antibodies Test in Barcelona: the most frequently asked questions

The Antibodies test is a blood sample used to check for the presence of antibodies to Covid-19. It indicates if a person has previously encountered the virus
This test is carried out from a blood sample, which can be taken at any time of the day and does not require fasting.
The results of an Antibodies test carried out in Barcelona are usually available within 24 hours.
Serology is useful when there is a need for retrospective diagnosis, in order to verify the presence of an immune reaction evidenced by these antibodies.
The PCR indicates the presence of the virus at the time of testing, while the serological test can show that the subject has been a carrier of the virus. The two tests combined are therefore useful to find out if you have been a carrier of the virus but are no longer infected with a positive serological result and negative PCR.