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Dental and medical care for your team of employees

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Your employees health matters!

24/7 appointment system – Urgent services in English and other languages, at our medical center or in your office.

20 doctors and dentists / 4000 treatments already carried out. The latest technology in equipment.

13 specialist services

6 Dental specialists, Orthodontist, Maxillo-facial surgeon, 4 Family doctors / General medical practitioners, Paediatrician, 2 Gynaecologists, Infeccious disease and travel medicine, ENT, Cardiologist, Plastic surgeon, Nutritionist, Chiropractic.

Reduce the health costs of your staff through prevention and medical assistance.

The Turo Care Pass facilitates the access to medical and dental care provided by referenced doctors. Designed for companies of all sizes, based in Barcelona and concerned about its employees health. Your staff can count on our center, created and directed by an International team of professionals and graduates from the best universities in healthcare. The clinic benefits from the latest technology in medical and dental equipment.

10 advantages of the Turo Care Pass

  1. A fit for work medical check
  2. An appointment system in English (and other languages) by phone, email, live chat or online
  3. Dental and Medical care under one roof
  4. Priority access to appointments with dentists, orthodontist, general medical doctors and all specialists
  5. Urgency Assistance Hotline for appointments and advice in Barcelona
  6. Access to our collaborating partners in healthcare (Hospitals, Medical imagery, centres, Medical analysis centres)
  7. Help from our secretaries in obtaining reimbursement with insurances companies
  8. All advantages apply to the employee and his/her family
  9. Annual general medical health check, annual dental chec-up and women’s helth check up at reduced cost.
  10. Our doctors can visit your office! Customized on-site doctor service (individual customized fees apply) : General Medical Practitioner, Chiropractic, Programme “Well-being at work”, …

Turo Care Pass

25/ year / employee