Dental and Medical care for your Employees

Reduce your business’s employee health costs through Turó Park Medical’s unique health care service plan focusing on disease prevention and health promotion.

The Turó Care Pass facilitates your employees’ access to expert medical and dental care from our international team of doctors and dentists. Our centrally-located Barcelona medical and dental center offers your employees cutting-edge care in a friendly and patient-centered environment.

Your employees’ health matters to the success of your business!

Turo Park Dental and Medical Center can offer your company:

Easily-accessed healthcare services provided in English, at our medical center or at your workplace.
20 specialized doctors and dentists / The latest technology and equipment.
Established history of providing quality care / more than 4000 treatments already provided to more than 2500 patients.
24/7 online appointment-booking system by phone, email, or live chat, supported by our multilingual clinical team to help your employees get the care they need when they need it most.

13 specialist services

6 Dental specialists, Orthodontist, Maxillo-facial surgeon, 4 Family doctors / General medical practitioners, Pediatrician, 2 Obstetrician-Gynecologists, Infectious disease and travel medicine specialist, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Cardiologist, Plastic surgeon, and a Nutritionist.

10 Advantages of the Turó Care Pass

  1. Coverage for employees and their family members
  2. Dental and medical care all under the same roof
  3. Priority access to appointments with dentists, orthodontist, general medical doctors and specialists at our medical center
  4. Urgent Assistance Hotline for appointment scheduling and medical advice
  5. Access to our collaborating healthcare partners in Barcelona (hospitals, medical imaging, medical analysis centers, and other specialists)
  6. A multilingual clinic staff available to assist employees obtain reimbursement from insurances companies.
  7. Employment medical screenings provided for all employees.
  8. Annual general medical, women’s health and dental health check appointments offered at reduced cost.
  9. Customized worksite doctor service available for the following services: General Medical Practitioner, “Well-being at work” Health Promotion Program, Vaccination Programs (additional fees apply)
  10. Available for companies of all sizes.

Reimbursement insurances

Our pass allows you to have access to services covered by all Reimbursement Insurance Plans. Employees will need to pay at the time of their visit in full and then be reimbursed according to your company’s specific reimbursement plan (usually 80-100% is reimbursed 1-2 weeks after submitting necessary paperwork).

For coverage of dental care, reimbursement may be partial, full, or no reimbursement. Spanish insurance companies do not tend to cover dental care. International or Expat insurance plans (such as AXA Optima Plus or DKV MundiSalud) do not automatically reimburse for dental services. We recommend that you check with your individual insurance provider to determine your coverage amount.

Turo Care Pass

25 / year / employee

How to subscribe ?
Call us +34 932 529 729

How to get started:

  1. The company signs up for the Turo Care Pass ;
  2. Employees and family members will receive a card with a company code ;
  3. Employees use this code to start accessing specialized medical and dental care with our online appointment booking system or by calling our health care team ;