Results in 15 minutes and interpretation of results by a professional

Do you need a Covid-19 Antigens Rapid Test for your company or home in Barcelona?

At Turó Park Dental & Medical Center you can book an appointment and pay for your test online; our specialist will come to your company or home to perform the test for the team or your family. It is important that whoever performs the test is a doctor specialized in these tests whose handling must be safe and accurate. Our specialist also offers you a specific and detailed interpretation of the results.

Please note that this test is not valid for travelling


What is the Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test?

It is a type of rapid coronavirus test that allows us to detect the existence of antigens in the body in a qualitative way within 15 minutes. In other words, it allows the identification of the existence of the proteins of the pathogen Covid-19 at the time the test is performed, offering a response of type: Negative / Positive.


  • At home:

The price of these tests is per person and includes the test, the doctor's displacement to your home or company and the interpretation of the results of that professional.

1 person 150 €
2 people 250 € 
3 people  300 € 

Starting from the third person, the price is 50 € per person.

  • At the clinic: 

Price of 50 € per person to be paid online or at the clinic.

How is the test carried out?

Similar to the PCR tests, which we also offer, the rapid antigen coronavirus test is performed using a nasopharyngeal sample. Our doctor carefully inserts the nasal swab into the nostrils up to the optimal point to obtain correct results and then proceeds to determine the result from two mixtures.

How accurate are the results?

The advantage of this type of covid-19 test is not only its speed but also its sensitivity. The sensitivity in the first days of infection, between days 0 - 5 is 97% and between days 5 - 7 is 94%. This is a higher specificity than other Covid-19 tests, such as the Antibodies Test.

How long does it take to get the results?

The test, as its name suggests, is quick. It only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to administer. It is the fastest Covid-19 test that exists and the most convenient. Once our doctor has finished taking the nasal sample and the result has been obtained, he will proceed to explain the result to you.

Our doctor is specialized in this type of test, and has full and complete knowledge of the procedure and the different types of results that can be obtained. It is a complex test that cannot be performed by anyone, as there have been cases of erroneous or contradictory results when it is misused. The test is more sensitive in the first days of infection, which again highlights the importance of correct use. For this reason our doctor accompanies you and interprets the results in a detailed and concise manner. In case of a positive result, the doctor also offers you a personalized follow-up.



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Why do a covid test?

  • You think you have symptoms (loss of smell, loss of taste, fever, cough...)
  • You were in a place or with a person at risk.
  • You go to a hospital or an institution at risk.
  • Soon you will use a transport for which a test is required.
  • You simply want to be tested on your own initiative.
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