Dr. Antonio Oliva

General Surgeon
General surgery
Digestive system
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At Turó Park Clinics, Dr. Antonio Oliva works in our medical team in general and digestive surgery. He is a surgeon with more than 30 years of work experience.

He currently works as an Emergency Surgery Coordinator at a private clinic in Barcelona. He has also formed part of activities in various private medical practices: Centro médico Teknon, Clínica Olivé Gumà, Centro médico Clínicum, Hospital de Barcelona and Clinica del Remei.


In addition to a broad range of professional expertise, Dr. Antonio Oliva has a strong academic background. At the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain, he undertook undergraduate courses, and then went on to specialize in general and digestive surgery at the Hospital Universitari del Mar, before finally achieving his doctorate degree a couple years later.

Notably, during his degree he rose to the position of Chief Resident in General Surgery, which calls for a track record of excellence in patient and professional evaluations.

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Universities and medical societies

Dr. Oliva is a member of the Sociedad Catalana de Cirugía

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