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Small steps to tackle depression

Depression can affect anyone, anywhere.

Small steps can be taken to tackle depression, that have a big impact.


There is increasingly accepted evidence that one of the most effective ways to fight depression and its most feared consequence, suicide, is not to silence them. Therefore, this article actively opens the conversation around depression and its possible treatments, posted on the Global Day of the Fight Against Depression: 13th January.


Talk about it

Both, health authorities and medical science, insist that breaking the silence surrounding mental health can help unmask undiagnosed cases of depression and prevent suicide.

Depression is very common. It affects millions of people, including some in your life who you may know of already, or not. All face the similar challenges but each experience it differently, and it frequently changes day-to-day.

The key to initiating a conversation about depression is to be open, accepting and loving towards yourself and others.


Today is not indicative of tomorrow

If you or a friend has a down day, have it. Feel your emotions, as suppressing these will only block self-healing. While doing so be reminded that tomorrow is a different day in which there are opportunities to try again.

Look forward to tomorrow’s fresh start.


Act on it

However, do not stay inactive from these emotions. Consider going towards the emotions either with someone in conversation or through writing your thoughts down.

Then, when your emotions change, write about that too. You will start to create a map of emotions and you will have the chance to understand the fluctuations in more depth.

Other activities that may help combat depression, include as a non-exhaustive list;

  • Do something you enjoy: be in nature, listen to music, go on a walk…
  • See friends or family: in person, phone call, video call…
  • Practice gratitude: write a list to yourself or others
  • Incorporate meditation
  • Healthy sleeping rhythm
  • Read around the growing science of nutrition and wellbeing

Set attainable goals

A long list of things to do can be demobilising, so set smaller goals that you can work towards.

For instance, instead of ‘clean the house’, do your washing up. In place of the daunting ‘do some exercise’, get out of bed and go on a short walk.

This way an untouched to do list is replaced with tangible achievements.


Recognition: make sure all effort is recognised

Recognising and rewarding your efforts and achievement of goals can be an incredible force against a depressive state.


Consider clinical treatment

It may be helpful to seek professional help. This can seem daunting at first but the mental health team at Turó Park Medical Center make sure to welcome you warmly in a safe, multilingual environment.

All of the treatments will be decided amongst you and our specialist, resulting in a personalised treatment plan that you are entirely comfortable with.

Confidentiality is practiced and ensured at our clinic, located in the heart of Barcelona.


See our page with the profiles of our mental health specialists and general practitioners that will help to diagnose you and make the right referrals for your wellbeing.

Including our clinic's French speaking therapist, Elsa Maalouf.

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