COVID recovery pass

COVID Recovery Pass

Everything you need to know about the COVID Recovery Pass

If you want to travel abroad, attend events or have any other reasons to obtain a COVID certificate, but have recently recovered from COVID-19, you need a recovery certificate.

This certificate shows that you tested positive recently, completed your self-isolation and have recovered. This is especially relevant and required if you continue to test positive after having recovered, or if you have not yet been vaccinated but want to travel.


When is it valid?

It is valid up to 180 days after the first positive diagnostic test, which must be a PCR. Find our PCR testing services here.

The document must make explicit mention of the date of the first positive test, the type of test carried out and the country in which the certificate was issued.


How does the certificate work?

The EU digital certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against forgery.

When the certificate is checked, the QR code is scanned and the signature is verified.

The European Commission has set up a gateway to verify certificate signatures across the EU. Member States have agreed on a common design that can be used in both electronic and paper versions to facilitate recognition.


What are the requirements?

COVID Recovery Pass:

A COVID-19 diagnosis must have been obtained by a PCR test more than eleven days ago in the six months preceding the application for the certificate. In other words, the window to get a valid certificate is between 11 days – 6 months from the first positive PCR.

If the diagnosis has been by antigen test or more than six months have passed it is not possible to obtain the Certificate of Recovery.


EU digital COVID certificate & recovery

To ensure that there is no discrimination against unvaccinated persons, the EU digital COVID certificate also includes the diagnostic test certificates and the COVID-19 recovery certificates. In this way, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the EU digital COVID certificate.

Recovered persons in possession of an EU digital COVID certificate should be exempted from travel-related testing or quarantine for the first 180 days following a positive PCR test.


What information is included in the certificate?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate contains the necessary information: name of the holder, date of birth, date of issue, relevant information on the vaccine, diagnostic test or recall and a unique identifier.

This data remains on the certificate and is not stored or retained when verified in another Member State.


In which language is it issued?

The document will be issued in the official languages of each State and in English.


Key features of the certificate:

  • digital or paper format
  • with QR code
  • free of charge
  • in the national language and in English
  • secure and reliable

- valid in all EU countries

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