What are Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Options?

Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Options at Turó Park Dental Center Barcelona

Read below to learn all that you need to know about two of the newest orthodontic options, now available from the orthodontic experts at Turó Park Medical and Dental Center Barcelona.

The multi-lingual staff at Turó Park Medical and Dental Center are available to meet with you to make a personalized plan for getting your smile back in order!

Lingual Braces Invisalign©
Metal brackets are glued to the back side of the teeth A set of clear plastic forms (aligners) worn to straighten your teeth over time
Most invisible of braces Virtually Invisible
Wires and elastics can be used to move teeth more quickly May take up to 2 years, changing aligners every 2 weeks approximately
If any white spots or discoloration occurs from the braces it will be on the backside of teeth For best results aligners should be worn 20-22 hours/day, but can be removed at any time, thus no restrictions on what you can eat
May require removal of crowded teeth or wisdom teeth prior to treatment May require removal of crowded teeth or wisdom teeth prior to treatment
Those with deep overbites may not be good candidates Can be used to treat most cases of gapped or crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, or crossbite
Can sometimes affect speech temporarily until new speech patterns can be learned (lisping or whistling) Doesn’t cause irritation of cheeks, tongue or gums
May be more expensive than traditional metal braces on the front of teeth May require more frequent visits to the orthodontist and therefore be more expensive than lingual and traditional braces

Choosing to straighten your teeth, whether as an adult or a teenager, impacts your appearance, lifestyle and wallet. At Turó Park Medical and Dental Center Barcelona, we understand what a big decision orthodontics may be, especially if you are an ex-pat or living in a foreign country.

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