Healthcare services and Private assurance in Barcelona

FAQ’s about Health Insurance for Ex-Pats and Tourists in Spain. All the details with your medical and center in Barcelona.

Turo Park Dental & Medical has the answers to all of your healthcare needs while in Barcelona, either visiting briefly as a tourist or living here.

  • Who is eligible for public healthcare service (CATSALUD) in Spain?
    • Spanish Residents
    • Individuals contributing to Social Security either through an employer or as a freelance worker.
  • How do I apply for public Healthcare services and get a TSI card?
    • You must apply for your public healthcare card (called the TSI card) at your nearest Social Security office. The website for this is the following (in Spanish I am afraid, and go to BUSCAR POR DIRECCION meaning SEARCH BY ADDRESS – municipality, via (road / street) , and this is where you must introduce your
    • You will need to bring your passport, NIE and Padrón (obtained from your local town hall), and proof of employment. Anyone working freelance or employed and therefore paying local social security. They can therefore show their social security number as proof.
    • At the Social Security office, you will need to fill out an application form in order to receive your “certificate of application.”
    • You will need to take this certificate of application, your Passport, NIE, and Social Security Number to your local CAP where they will provide you with your card, assigned GP, Pediatrician or Nurse. You can find the nearest CAP to you online here: hZp://
  • What is the difference between Private Basic Insurance and Full Coverage/Reimbursement Insurance?
Basic Full Coverage
  • Must choose doctor, specialist, medical center, or hospital from a list of approved providers
  • Covers routine visits, health checks, and basic medical imaging (mammography, ultrasound, and xray)
  • Does not cover medical costs of hospitalization
  • Able to choose any doctor, specialist, medical center, or hospital
  • Must pay at time of service and wait for reimbursement, usually 80-100% of the visit cost
  • Usually covers hospitalization expenses
  • Examples of Full-Coverage providers are: AXA, DKV, Adeslas, Sanitas, and Cigna

If I have public healthcare, do I also need private coverage?

Public healthcare in Spain is some of the best in the world. To receive any healthcare, you must be seen at a CAP (Center of Primary Attention, the local public health centers). There are sometimes longer waiting times for appointments at CAPs and for visits to specialists (you must be referred by your assigned doctor at your CAP). Public healthcare can be supplemented with Private Insurance.

What happens if I have a medical emergency and don’t have health insurance or only basic private insurance? Will I still receive care if I go to the hospital or emergency room (Urgencia)?

Yes, in case of an emergency, all public centers and hospitals are obliged to take anyone needing care, in.

How do I get reimbursed if I am seen at Turo Park Dental & Medical Center ?

At Turo Park Dental and Medical Center we will provide you with an invoice to be paid on the day of your service. You will then need to submit this invoice to your insurance company either by mail or online. Most private insurances will then transfer 80-100% of cost back into your bank account by wire transfer.

How long do I have to submit my invoice for reimbursement?

Don’t wait too long to submit your bill- usually this must be done within 2 months of your original appointment date.

How do I know how much my visit to Turo Park Dental & Medical Center will cost?

To make informed decisions about your healthcare, you need to know how much it will cost. Our multi-lingual, highly-trained office staff and health care providers are happy to speak with you prior to your appointment about your specific type of insurance and provide you an estimate for what you will need to pay on the day of your appointment.

Does my insurance cover dental health care?

In Spain there is no public dental health care and you must pay privately for dental services. Some private insurance companies have their own dental clinics where you may go for care. Other private insurance plans offer dental services, free x-rays, and dental cleanings at approved facilities, but require out-of-pocket payment (at a reduced price) for any other dental services. Turo Park Dental Center’s English-speaking dentists in Barcelona, highly-trained office staff is happy to speak with you more about the full range of services our English, Spanish, and French-speaking dentists provide and offer you cost estimates for those services before your appointment.

Is there an emergency dental clinic Barcelona and will my health insurance cover it?

Turó Park Dental & Medical Center offers emergency dental care from Monday to Saturdays and people can contact us directly by email, live chat on our website or by phone. Insurance coverage will be the same as for non-emergency dental appointments and care.

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