Our dental team is specialized in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the teeth, gums and soft tissues (tongue, cheeks and muscles).

We recommend that both children and adults have regular check-ups and cleanings, and our dentists in Barcelona will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your dental health. If necessary, your dentist will refer you to the appropriate specialist, such as an orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist or endodontist.

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We also offer teeth whitening and cleaning services performed by expert hygienists.

Private dental center that works with private reimbursement policies

We work with private reimbursement policies In Barcelona of major insurance companies such as Axa Optima Plus, Asisa Integral, Allianz Salud Reemboolso, Signa Global, DKV Mundisalud, Sanitas Mas, Mapfre Salud Reembolso, Bupa Company Gold, Geoblue. This means that if you have additional dental insurance added to your reiboursement policy, you can have between 30-100% reiboursed depending on your insurance company and dental procedure. Before making an appointment, we recommend that you consult the conditions of your insurance policy.

Emergency dentist in Barcelona

In addition, if you need an emergency dentist in Barcelona, Turó Park Medical Center has specialists with extensive experience who can assist you in several languages.

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