Dr. Antonela Costa

Women's cardiology
Follow-up and check-ups for athletes
Arterial hypertension
Heart insufficiency
Chest pain
Color Doppler echocardiography
Holter ECG
Blood pressure monitoring
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Dr. Antonela Costa works in our medical team to support our patients that are experiencing cardiovascular problems. She is a cardiologist with more than 6 years of experience in both Argentina and Spain. She has worked in Argentina as a lecturer in cardiology, as medical staff, and as a consultant amongst other positions, but currently works in Spain. Antonela works not only as a cardiology consultant but also as a specialist for those patients admitted to hospital, both in the cardiology ward and in the cardiac emergency and cardiovascular intensive care units.


In addition to her extensive work experience, Antonela has an impressive academic background. Antonela achieved a degree in medicine from the University of Favaloro in Argentina, and then went on to achieve a degree in cardiology from this same university. Her degree in cardiology consisted of a residency in cardiology which she also carried out at the University of Favaloro. Notably she then became the Chief Resident there, a role that requires you to have accomplished high evaluations and reviews from both patients and fellow doctors. Later she then undertook a course and a medical fellowship in echocardiography.

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Universities and medical societies

Always learning and expanding her skills within his field, Antonela is deeply involved in the medical field which is apparent through the myriad of works, articles, and dissertations that she has been involved in. She has a true passion for what she does and was not only a member of the Argentine Society of Cardiology, but also a member of the Standards and Consensus Committee.

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