Looking for a solution to simplify the reimbursement process with your insurer?

To make your life easier, Turó Park Dental & Medical Center offers you a free assistance service for the reimbursement and management of your health insurance contract in collaboration with Brumwell Brokers.


Communicating with the insurance company is not always easy. Especially when you live abroad and have an insurance contract with a local insurance company. However, it is essential to know the coverage and clauses of your policy well in order to benefit from the best possible care.

To save you time and ensure that you receive your reimbursements correctly, we offer you a free reimbursement assistance service in collaboration with the broker Brumwell, a specialist in the Spanish insurance market.

After taking care of the management of your insurance contract, our partner will take care of your claims in coordination with our service:

  • Preparation of claim files
  • Negotiation with the insurer in order to obtain a quick reimbursement.
  • Management of authorizations for tests and medical examinations that may require it.
  • Incorporation of new members to the insurance contract
  • Communicating changes to the insurer (change of address, family situation, etc.).

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Accessible service at no additional cost to our patients.


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Reimbursement assistance service: frequently asked questions

A broker enables you to obtain the health insurance contract that is best suited to your needs, but also the most economically advantageous. The broker also takes care of the formalities you need to complete with the insurer in order to obtain your reimbursements, add a beneficiary to your contract, report changes (address, personal situation, etc.) or obtain the necessary authorisations for certain tests and examinations.
Our clinic is a private clinic. Therefore, you will first have to pay for your consultation and then submit the corresponding invoice to your health insurance company or private insurance. Depending on your insurance policy and its reimbursement conditions, you may be reimbursed up to 80% or even 100% of the cost of your consultation. To help you with your paperwork, a free reimbursement service is now available.
The reimbursement assistance service is available free of charge to all patients at Turó Park Dental & Medical Center. Simply contact us by email at refund@turoparkmedical.com. After taking over the management of your insurance contract, our partner insurance broker will make the necessary arrangements for your registration free of charge.