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Dr Nuria Bratos

Are you looking for an English-speaking doctor in Barcelona? Dr Nuria Bratos is a general practitioner and is fluent in French, English, Spanish,
German and Persian.
She welcomes you to the Turo Park Dental & Medical Center clinic, in the heart of Barcelona.

Dr Nuria Bratos holds a degree in General Medicine, specializing in family medicine, from the Complutense University of Madrid, and she completed part of her studies in France (University of Strasbourg) and in Germany (University of Heidelberg). She has worked in several structures, hospitals and health centers, in Barcelona, but also in France and Germany.

Dr. Nuria Bratos has worked in several hospitals in Barcelona but also in France and Germany and now consults at the Catalan Health Institute, as well as at the Turó Park Dental & Medical Center.

Dr Nuria Bratos offers in-office consultations on Saturdays as well as online consultations so that you can benefit from remote care, wherever you are.